What next after Trixbox? How do I upgrade?

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The rise, fall, and last hurrah of Trixbox (the community PBX system based on Asterisk) has now played out. The nomenclature of confusion between Trixbox CE and Trixbox Pro does not cloud the simple fact that what thousands or hundreds of thousands downloaded as Trixbox is no more. Both privileges of support and the forum are gone and it’s time to look for a new way forward.

trixboxBut if we first take a moment to look at the past it gives some valuable lessons that will help customers make a decision on the next step. We all knew the day was coming. From the moment Kerry Garrison and Andrew Gillis sold their interest to Fonality it was hard to see that such a corporate affair was going to continue to support another free project. Betrayal is easy to sense when you have committed so much time and faith to a product. However, there are always two sides to each story. It takes a lot to run a project like Trixbox and it is very possible that Kerry & Andrew felt they simply could not push further.

Fonality had shareholders to answer to and I doubt Chris Lyman left as things were rocketing ahead. For sure, there’s not been as much noise on the street since. It would appear the company is simply trying to make a return on capital. With the cost of maintaining a project like Trixbox surely escalating and fast, Elastix came along and one can see why we got to where we are. This is where this post starts to get interesting to anyone looking to go forward.

Still, some more truths to face first. 2012 is not the same as 2004. The sheer expectations from customers escalate. They even ‘expect’ voice quality to be perfect – Yes, if you have forgotten, that was not always the case. The days of getting some leftover P4 server and stringing together a Sangoma Card, then the nights of playing with all the options to the final dawn chorus of “I’ve made it work”, have been replaced by the need to meet office rents, have customers that are not breaking things and, oh yes, soon there will be mobile.

Let’s face it. It’s time to upgrade.

If you have been stringing Trixbox together on virtual servers then it is high time you get a MultiTenant. To help you with the transition we have a Bicom Systems Trixbox offer on Hosted Solutions. Quite simply, we’ll provide the software to cover your existing customers provided you take one of our packages.

If, however, your customers are onsite and hardware is an issue, we have our M1000 & M2000 and for Q3 2013 you will see hardware of a kind you will just wish to hug – For a cost of hardware and software that will be less that that P4 server!

Really, though, the future is Unified: gloCOM

gloCOM goes way beyond HUD and, once mobile, will do what the world has not seen before: produce an experience to the mobile user that is the same as though they were in their office. Whether presence or chat or sharing – everything comes together.

Still, even this is not the real difference in Bicom Systems. It’s not just the software. It’s the people, the team that supports you. Your Account Manager will always be there to provide pre-sales support to help you win business.

Don’t wait any longer, upgrade today by contacting us at sales@bicomsystems.com or visiting us at www.bicomsystems.com/products.


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