VoIP Deployment for Employees

Written By Edin Alic

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As a bonus to our series on VoIP Deployment, this post talks about a few ways employees should benefit from the new telephony deployment.

The following are three benefits of VoIP that employees should be successfully using post-deployment:

  1. New Features – In order for your new VoIP deployment to be successful, employees should be using the new features to their maximum potential. This means both discovering and utilizing the features.
  2. Mobility – VoIP opens the doors of your office so employees can remain connected no matter where they are located. Whether on a mobile phone or a softphone on a home computer, this is a feature that employees should begin adopting as soon as deployment as complete.
  3. Desk Phones – Contrary to the previous point, employees should also be using their desk phones as usual. If they are avoiding desk phones, it may be a sign that the deployment failed and the system is too different or complicated.

Keep an eye out that employees are using all three of the above. Guide them through the changes to make your VoIP deployment as successful as possible.