What is a Telecommunications Agent?

What is a telecommunications agent?

A telecommunications agent, also known as…

  • Broker
  • Consultant
  • Sales Representative 
  • Independent Consultant 

is a person who connects customers with service providers in the telecommunications industry. The agents find the best match based on their client’s needs and preferences. 

Some agents are happy just to sell and do not offer any support. Therefore, it is extremely important to connect clients with providers who offer quality products and efficient customer support. 

Telecom agents are not exclusive to one provider, they can diversify and work with many companies in the industry. In other words, they are not monogamous to one vendor. Agents will gather different quotes and packages from many vendors and present the best options to their customers. 

A partner of Bicom Systems, Bryan Arnold is a great example of an independent telecommunications agent. Bryan has been a part of the telecommunications industry since 2011 and in 2012 he opened his own consulting company, 5 Star Communications. His goal is simple: “To treat you the way I would want to be treated and to provide the quality of service I would expect from a true professional”

Bryan assists his clients in finding the best solutions for their businesses. Not only does Bryan connect clients with providers, but he grows with them. Anything his clients need from installation to billing to the renewal of services, Bryan is there to assist. 

Telecom agents improve the customer service experience and make the overwhelming process of choosing a provider easier. To learn more about telecommunication agents or Bryan Arnold, look at this case study


  1. I once attended a seminar about the Internet of Things and while fascinating, I haven’t thought about its potential effects on telecommunication services moving forward into the future. I can see how the industry could definitely thrive more in the coming years with how much more digital multiple transactions are becoming nowadays. Having a career as a telecommunications agents seems like a sustainable way to go, given how they are not exclusive to one provider.



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