Why do we find you always coming back?

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As August hits, parts of the world shut down for a summer recess, leaving opportunity, if only ephemeral, to pause and reflect.

The question that always puzzles me the most is: “Why do prospects always come back?” While many approach us with definitely projects that can be replied to and executed quickly, there are a significant number of first contacts that do not turn into immediate business. Some even take Biblical lengths of time to finally start – seven years being the longest so far.

So if you have contacted us before, but not yet concluded business with Bicom Systems, this is dedicated to ‘you’. Maybe now is the time to get started?

Here are the first few ideas that came to mind:

1. Lack of money

Let’s get this one straight up and out on the table. We do understand that, particularly for smaller businesses, cash flow can appear to be there one moment and gone the next. This really should not be a reason to put off the very plans that will bring in monies when they are most needed though. Our Account Managers have answers to help.
Please talk to us and, above all, please do not choose an inferior product today that you know in your heart you will have to replace in 6 months.
Is your situation that extravagant that you can afford such a forklift?
Above all though : like for like : we do not cost more than those other alternatives. We just do not and our support is unlimited. You are not going to be bled dry @ $150/hr precisely because the cheap product you bought can only work by paying for hours to just maintain simple customers.

2. The wish to start small and experimentally

So you are starting out and you want to minimize your risks. It just seems to make sense to choose an inferior product often third rate because then you can keep your efforts limited. Like for like

3. The other product looked better, but …

i) You just did not ask if we have it – we always have far more coming off the development track than we have yet had time to catch up with and publish. Please ask.

ii) When it really came down to and the customer asked for x,y & z – it was only possible if you paid them each little configuration. The system was just not open enough. Tell us which system. By now we’ve heard all the reasons their existing customers left them.

iii) Their support disappeared when the individual behind everything was too busy.

iv) Oh but I never imagined the customer would want : desktops, and now even a Call Center? and they want their mobile phones integrated? Help.

4. Internal Organization

a. Your manager has found himself with other projects

Your manager had you spend 3 months on this and then lost interest. Probably time we spoke with him or her and explained just how much we can help jump start this new venture.

b. You are that manager and there just is no time.

Possibly a very different approach is needed here. We can provide Maintenance Services where we manage much of the systems for you. Our latest TELCOware comes with some level of products pre-configured. We are also increasingly providing the marketing material to get you started.

5. That first prospect wanted something different

Only too often we have won business by providing a ‘best-fit solution’ for the ‘cost of off-the-shelf’. This is part of our policy to make sure that customers get ‘exactly’ what they need rather than paying large and it still not quite doing what it should.
Again – please ask.

6. That first prospect wanted to go with a big name

The big names have heard of Bicom Systems, they already use us.

7. That first prospect wanted something cheaper Again, see above. If, though, this is for a small business, we know the importance of you closing your first customer. Please talk to us.

8. You were looking for something we do not have: low cost appliances It’s coming & soon. Yes though – we need to fill that gap.

Did I miss any? Please let us know. Ready to look again? We’re ready when you are.

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