A World Without Unified Communications

Written By Laura Kyle

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In the past three years, we experienced a significant shift in how we perceive and operate in the workplace. When the pandemic hit, most of us had to switch from an office to our home and, in turn, relied heavily on unified communications to stay connected. As we began to slow down for the holiday season, we came up with the question, “what would have happened if Unified Communications did not exist?” 

This blog post will explore three problems we would face if Unified Communications did not exist in the pre and ongoing pandemic world.

No Possibilities to Work from Home🚫

Working from home is nothing new to traditional teleworkers. However, it soon became normalized when governments placed regions in lockdown during the pandemic. Companies relied heavily on UC applications like gloCOM, gloCOM GO and gloCOM Meeting to stay connected with coworkers and customers. Without such applications, it would be impossible to work from home! Imagine solely relying on phone calls and scheduled meetings to communicate every tiny thing in this day and age?

On the other hand, not working from home would have made considerable changes to our work environment. Companies would have had to invent pods to stay in and do their work and schedule the exact time you walk into the office to avoid contact with coworkers. On top of that, covid numbers would have soared as people would be around others much more. Relying solely on phone calls and emails would slow communication down considerably. 

If you felt disconnected during this pandemic, imagine not seeing your work bestie’s face through video conferencing!

Geographical Constraints🌎

As mentioned in point one, geography limits how you can communicate with people. For global companies like Bicom Systems, Unified Communication tools connect us with employees worldwide. Without it, long-distance connections would be virtually impossible, paired with covid, making international communication expensive. Paying international fees and long-distance charges for phone calls and texting can be costly for businesses, and meeting face to face with clients isn’t always an option.

Communicating through social media and chat rooms can be risky as they are not always secure. Virtual meetings would be impossible and time zone differences make coordination a tricky game. As someone who works in Canada but communicates regularly with departments in Bosnia, the thought of having to orchestrate meetings and relay important information in a timely fashion without gloCOM and gloCOM GO is terrifying. Productivity and efficiency would decline on a company-wide scale, and deadlines would be impossible to reach.

Connecting with Customers📲

Many businesses follow the philosophy that they are only as good as their customers. At Bicom Systems, our partner’s success is our success. Living in a world without UC applications means communicating with our partners would be very difficult, and their communication with their customers would be even more challenging. It would be impossible to understand your client’s needs. Unified Communications has helped countless companies connect and build relationships with clients and better understand their needs within the industry. Without it, companies would struggle to identify places they need to improve upon and where they excel most. Getting this information and quickly making improvements and changes would be difficult when communication is limited. This would lead to the fall of many companies not only in the telecommunications industry but in small businesses, resellers, and, frankly, any industry that communicates.

It’s hard to confidently predict how a lack of UC would impact our lives today, but what we do know for sure is that life would be much more difficult without it. Thankfully, Unified Communications are still alive and thriving, and these problems are not something we currently have to tackle. Applications like gloCOM, gloCOM GO and Meeting are here and constantly improving with industry needs to keep you in contact and up to date with coworkers and clients.

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This blog post was written by our Marketing Intern, Leila Kincade

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