End of Life Announcement for Version 5.x of PBXWare and gloCOM

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Bicom Systems announces End of Life for version 5.x of gloCOM & gloCOM GO, and PBXWare. Software updates and maintenance releases will no longer be provided. This announcement signals the end of the 5.x release classification’s lifespan stage.

Products Reaching End of Life

PBXware 5.x

end of life pbxware

PBXware is the first and most mature professional open standards turnkey telephony platform on the market. Since 2003, PBXware has been deploying flexible, dependable, and scalable new generation communication systems to small-to-medium sized businesses, organizations, and governments throughout the world. For this purpose, it combines the most cutting-edge technology.

PBXware is offered in three editions: Business, Contact Center, and Multi-Tenant. Each edition includes a unique set of features designed to improve performance, dependability, and expandability. Finally, PBXware has the ability to serve as a Class 5 SoftSwitch/VoIP switch.

Table 1. PBXware End of Life Schedule

Release Series End of Sales End of Support and Maintenance Latest version
5.x June 30th, 2022 June 30th, 2023 5.3.11


gloCOM & gloCOM GO 5.x


gloCOM is a sophisticated desktop Unified Communications tool that integrates directly with PBXware. Above all, it elevates your business communications to a whole new level. Its main goal is to simplify and improve your day-to-day communication and collaboration experience.

Therefore, it includes IP Phone connection, Softphone, Messaging, Conferencing, CRM access, Faxing, File transfer features, and much more for seamless cooperation with your workforce. All gloCOM capabilities are carefully bundled under a single attractive desktop application interface that provides a wonderful user experience on all major desktop platforms.

Also, gloCOM is offered in Office, Business, Agent, and Supervisor Editions, each with its own set of features designed to boost efficiency and productivity.

You can find what’s new in gloCOM & gloCOM GO 6.4 here.

Table 2. gloCOM & gloCOM GO 5.x End of Life Schedule

gloCOM & gloCOM GO
Release Series End of Sales End of Support and Maintenance Latest version
5.x June 30th, 2022 June 30th, 2023 5.3.11


Customer Actions

Bicom Systems recommends that all existing clients switch to the most recent versions of the gloCOM, gloCOM GO and PBXware. As a result, they can benefit from the enhanced features and fixes included in this product. This ensures optimum service coverage for the duration of the product’s life.

How To Upgrade to version 6.x

Please refer to the video tutorial for instructions on how to request the PBXware upgrade.

How To Contact Our Support Team

Additionally, please visit the Bicom Systems Technical support portal for more details. Without a doubt, you will find a lot of useful info about EOL for our products and services.

end of life bicom systems support portal

Bicom Systems’ End of Life Policy

Finally, please see our End-of-Life Policy, which goes into effect on January 1, 2022. It is relevant to all of Bicom Systems’ products.

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