3 Ways Hosted VoIP Helps Businesses Grow

Written By Edin Alic

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voip growthAnyone that has a hosted VoIP system will be quick to spurt its many benefits and advantages. At the top of the list is how easy it is to grow with a hosted solution.

First, a hosted VoIP system makes it easy to open new locations or offices. The ability to use the same central telephony system in any number of new branches means cost savings and peace-of-mind. Opening new offices becomes inexpensive and easy with hosted VoIP.

Second, work can be outsourced or delegated to work-at-home employees. A hosted VoIP system brings the office to the worker, wherever they may be. This makes hiring new employees or outsourcing temporary work incredibly easy and inexpensive. It also fixes any space issues at the office. Applications like gloCOM bring the capability of an entire office to your desktop, wherever you are.

Finally, hosted VoIP allows for growth even on a tight budget. Certainly less costly than legacy telephony, and more economical than premise-based VoIP, hosted VoIP generally only requires monthly expenditures without up-front investments or ongoing maintenance costs. Companies with hosted VoIP can expand without breaking the budget.

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