4 Things To Do After VoIP Deployment

Written By Edin Alic

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voip deploymentIn our previous posts we looked at what to do before and during a VoIP phone deployment. While those are important phases of adopting VoIP, the post-deployment phase is an often forgotten and equally important step in using VoIP to its full potential.


Once the new VoIP system is in place and functioning, it is time to evaluate its advantages and even show them off to the team and management. Not only cost savings, but also new features and hidden value such as time saved, increased productivity, and better teamwork. Doing so will increase excitement and support for the new cloud services. See 5 Ways to Validate a VoIP Purchase.


Once that excitement is in place, it is important to ensure that employees are getting the most out of VoIP. Are they using key softphone features such as group communication, VoIP fax and voicemail, or file transfer? Spending less time on communication than before? VoIP usage should be monitored to ensure the new system is being used to its full potential.


Most VoIP phone deployments will be gradual. Once VoIP is working well, it is time to start mapping the migration path away from TDM and to a 100% VoIP deployment. Doing this correctly ensures seamless service and communication.


Finally, VoIP can do so much more than just communication. A successful VoIP deployment can then lead to expansion and growth, outsourcing, hiring of more employees, or remote work. VoIP is extremely flexible and scalable and can offer many advantages to companies of any size. As soon as deployment is complete, it is time to begin taking full advantage of the new telephone system.
In conclusion, the steps taken after VoIP has been deployed are just as important as the ones taken before. Too many make the mistake of deploying a powerful VoIP solution and then letting the company move along as if nothing has changed.

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