4 Ways Small Businesses Can Go Global with VoIP

Written By Edin Alic

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global voipOne of the best features of VoIP is that it levels the playing field and gives SMBs the same features and opportunities as large enterprises. One example of this is the ability to grow globally. VoIP News points out a few ways that even the smallest companies can have a global presence with VoIP.

1. Local Phone Numbers – This is probably the first step to a global presence. If your company is going to insert itself into a new country or geographic area, you need to be available to contact with a local phone number. VoIP makes this easy.

2. Long-Distance Call Savings – Previously a major burden on small companies, VoIP makes long-distance calls virtually free. Whether calls are across the street or across the world, costs will stay the same.

3. Telecommunication Abilities – More than just long-distance voice calls, VoIP also supports other modes of communication like conferencing, video calls, or screen sharing. Apps like gloCOM provide these features and more to make the world feel a little smaller.

4. Remote Workers – Finally, VoIP enables your employees to work from home, on the road, or anywhere else with an Internet connection. This allows for the consistent, around-the-clock communication that a global company requires.

To learn more about a VoIP program that can support a global company, check out our gloCOM page. Or visit VoIP News to read more.