4PSA VoipNow: How to Upgrade

Written By Edin Alic

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4psaWe have been approached by many 4PSA VoipNow customers that are so dissatisfied that they are wishing for refunds. We are shocked at the number of customers coming to us looking for IP-PBX system upgrades, and that number is rapidly increasing.

Many 4PSA customers that come to us are about to make a decision while others have already placed a deposit. Some already have established customer bases.

At first we could not understand why this was so prevalent. However, the more we speak with 4PSA VoipNow customers, the more we understand that sooner or later they are hitting a wall and there seems no way around or beyond.

A good example is Unified Communications. The market wants it, is insisting on it, but there’s just a big gap.

  • Where’s the Global Communicator app?
  • How does one scale?
  • Where’s the billing integrated or held together somehow?
  • What about a provisioning platform?

It is the cost of maintaining 4PSA that seems to hurt the worst; the cost of support.

We’ll leave you to come to your own conclusion comparing 4PSA with the following:

To see is to believe.

The problem is that the longer this goes on, the more 4PSA IP-PBX customers will be stuck in one set of infrastructure and dissatisfied to the point they must look elsewhere.

So – what can we do to help?

This is our offer:

If you purchase PBXware TELCO Solution from Bicom Systems, we will refund any deposit paid to 4PSA in the past three months.

Any existing deployment : we will provide conversion credits to assist.

We will also provide a transition roadmap to assist with the process.

Sign up today and ask for a call from a dedicated and experienced Account Manger.

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