New Inquiries for VoIP MultiTenant PBX and Switches

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Of recent times the messages we have been receiving from new prospects have been becoming ever clearer. If you are considering to join us in the great movement to liberate the world from Traditional Phone Systems or simply to put together your own VoIP offering you may find some comfort that you are far from alone.

Here’s a few and I’ll add as more come in:

I looked at your software a few years ago and thought I’d take another look since you now have an office in the US.

We currently sell VoIP using another problems software interface for Asterisk and its time for a change / upgrade. My contact info is listed below.

George, CO


We currently use VoipNow from 4PSA. We are looking at alternative options for our Business VoIP offering. We currently run 60 simultaneous calls over 2000 sip trunks and growing by 15% per month. Can you provide a scalable redundant solution for our needs?

Dave, Europe


We are working with 2.5.X version of 4psa’s VoipNOW and our frustration is generated by:

      • Too many asterisk crashes (yes, also in 2.5 version, not only in 3.0 version)
      • A lot of bugs of 2.5 version reported a lot of time ago (some of them more than one year and a half) and not solved. The bugs are recognized by them and given a BUG number.
      • They do not solve bugs in 2.5 and are forcing you to move to VN3. But VN3 has a lot of problems: stability, quality and our main problem: NEW API IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH PREVIOUS ONE.

So we have invested a lot integrating our applications with the API and also the new API lack of some features that the old API had.

I requested to incorporate old features without success (they said yes, but after several months we continue in the same state).

We are searching for Multi-Tenant PBX with a strong API in order to integrate our applications.

Please, send me information about how to integrate our applications with your software.


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