5 Benefits of VoIP for Small Business

Written By Edin Alic

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voip businessAdding to our arsenal of VoIP benefits, VoIP News posted a list of VoIP benefits specifically for small businesses. Always a supporter of small and growing businesses, we wanted to share that list with you:

1. Automated Attendants: Saving time and increasing efficiency auto-attendants can direct callers more quickly.

2. Mobility: A good VoIP solutions can be used anywhere or from any type of device.

3. Voice-to-Text: Efficiency at its best, VoIP can transcribe voice materials like voicemail messages and deliver to email.

4. Remote Conferencing: Conferencing was changed forever by VoIP and tools like screenshare, chat, video conferencing, etc.

5. Call Analytics: CDR gives more power to small companies that want to track and analyze calling.

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