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I’d like to think my job isn’t too hard. I come to work, hang out with our office dog, chat with coworkers and I get to express my creative side. I use many applications in the run of a day like Google Drive and Wrike, but the application I can’t live without is gloCOM.

This may sound like a promotional post about gloCOM (it is), but it truly makes my life at work easier! If you want to see how, keep reading.

First things first, I log in. My profile picture will pop up and alert all my coworkers I have arrived. It seems silly, but this small notification will alert my boss and other team members who do not work in my office that I am here. 

After I get my coffee and get settled, I check my messages. At this time, I like to change my presence status to ‘busy.’ If there is something urgent that requires my attention, I do not need any distractions.

Personally, I prefer sending emails over leaving voicemails. gloCOM is perfect for this preference because if I have any voicemails, gloCOM will transcribe the voicemail to text and it will deliver the message to my Inbox! I can check all my emails and voicemails in one place. 

Now that I am caught up on everything, I need to start my tasks. I switch my presence back to ‘available’ and start my day! One of my main tasks is to write the clever content you are reading right now. But sometimes, I need help from my coworkers. Whether I am bugging an Account Manager, Developer or our Media Team, gloCOM makes my life easier. 

I was recently working on a project with the head of our Media Team, Edin. Edin works in one of our offices in Bosnia, so to avoid travel costs we started a call using gloCOM. 

Our meeting was moving along really well and then we hit a roadblock. We knew another coworker could help us with this problem but unfortunately, they didn’t work in either of our offices. 

You must be thinking, ‘But you two don’t work in the same office!’ and you’re right. The meeting felt so personable that we forget we weren’t in the same office! Without hesitation, I went back to my gloCOM home screen and found Eldar’s presence status was online and available. Effortlessly I dragged and dropped him into our meeting. 

Unified Communiations Group Chat

To bring Eldar up to date, Edin started a group chat. He sent files for Eldar to download and reference to better explain our conversation. Any important text that we wanted to save, we put in the group chat to reference later. 

The whole process was so easy and simple. And guess what? I did this all from the comfort of my own home! 

gloCOM has a mobile application called gloCOM GO. It has the same phone functionalities as the desktop application no one could tell I wasn’t in the office (or that I was still in my pajamas). 

If you want to learn more about gloCOM or gloCOM GO send our sales team an email at sales@bicomsystems.com or visit our website here.

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