gloCOM is your best friend when…

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gloCOM is Bicom Systems’ unified communications desktop application. It was designed with end users in mind to simplify and accelerate daily tasks. We have also found that gloCOM can come in handy in other ways!  

Keep reading to find out how gloCOM is your best friend when…

You need to get someone’s attention and they are ignoring you

On gloCOM, there is an “ask for attention” button that you can press. It will automatically “nudge” and bring your chat in front of the user’s face. Fortunately for the recipient, you can only ask for attention every 30 seconds (to ensure they won’t get too annoyed with you). You can even nudge a group chat, so all the recipients will get the notification! 

You’re feeling lazy and don’t want to walk to the fax machine

I think we can all agree that when it is Taco Tuesday in the cafeteria, we enter food comas by the afternoon. The last thing you want to do is walk halfway across the office to the fax machine. gloCOM lets you send a fax right from your desk! It saves you time while you stay comfortable. 

You get back from vacation and have 20 voicemails waiting for you

gloCOM seamlessly integrates with PBXware, our VoIP Telephony Platform. It is exhausting to manually check each voicemail and listen to the automated woman give you your options of ‘save’, ‘delete’ or ‘skip’. gloCOM transcribes the voicemail to text and delivers the message to your inbox. You no longer waste time listening to a dragged-out message and can quickly skim the text to find the important details. 

You’re getting nowhere in the group chat

Whether you’re trying to agree on a place for lunch or going over the numbers for the next fiscal year, a group chat can get frustrating. gloCOM allows you to turn your group chat into a conference call. With the click of a button, you can call all the recipients in your chat. The application will continue to keep the chat open in case you need to share files. 

You need to be in two places at once

The weekly finance meeting starts in 10 minutes, but your flight got delayed and you’re stuck in the airport. gloCOM has features like ‘screen-share’ that will allow you to hear and see everything from the home office. All you need is an internet connection to stay connected on the go. 

Your laptop dies, and you don’t have a charger

gloCOM is also available as a mobile application called gloCOM GO. It is like having an office in your pocket. You can still participate in conference calls and add new members, all while being on the move. 

You broke your arm and are in a cast

You shouldn’t have gone on that ATVing trip. You should have watched where you were walking. Unfortunately, you broke your arm and are now in a cast. Lucky for you, gloCOM has a new feature called ‘Personal Dialer’. Personal Dialer will call the first number from a pre-uploaded list and once the call is done, it will dial the next number. This sequence will happen one after another until the list is complete, or the agent pauses the dialer.

You lost your little black book

During your life, you will meet many contacts. Some will be for business purposes and others more personal. It is difficult to keep track of them all, but gloCOM makes contact management easy. You can keep your PBX, Outlook, Google and Apple contacts all in one application.  

Your call is running longer than expected

You can NOT be late again for game night at your in-laws, but you can’t exactly hurry the CEO up to end the conference call. You can transfer your gloCOM call seamlessly to your mobile application, gloCOM GO. The call will not drop and your colleagues will have no idea that you left the office and are already on your way to the parking garage. 

Learn more about how gloCOM can be your best friend on our website or in a recent webinar we had with Fanvil! Click here to watch a tour of gloCOM 5.3. 

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