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Just like any great invention, there is a story to be told. Inventions are created as solutions to a problem or challenge someone is facing. For example, Pinocchio’s story started with Mister Geppetto wanting a son. Geppetto couldn’t physically have a child himself, so his solution was to build one. Thanks to the blue fairy, Pinocchio was transformed into a ‘real boy’.

The story behind personal dialer doesn’t have a blue fairy (I wish), but it was invented to solve a problem. The Geppetto, the inventor, and person to thank for Personal Dialer, is Cian Maher.

Cian is the CTO of Intellicom and one of Bicom Systems’ Product Managers. Thanks to him and our developers collaboratively working together, we created this new feature and added it to PBXware version 5.3.   

To better understand the idea behind personal dialer, I sat down Cian. Here is what he had to say!

Q: In a few words, what is Personal Dialer?
A: “Personal Dialer is a unique call-by-call automated service in gloCOM. It allows you to expedite dialing of small/medium lists on a user-by-user basis.”

Q: So, this isn’t a solution for just call centers?
A: “No! A company of any size with a long calling list can benefit from this feature.”

Q: How did you think of this feature?
A:A lot of our customers needed to make multiple outbound calls throughout the day. But they did not have a scenario that warranted a fully automated dialer, or even the technical capabilities to maintain an automated dialer.

Dialing phone numbers is a relatively quick task that can quickly become exhausting. When making manual calls, we were able to identify that users will typically dial around 18 calls per hour. But if there was an automated and easy-to-use/configure option, then users could probably generate 30 calls per hour! This would increase productivity by up to 40%!”

Q: To make it easy to use and configure, what solution did you come up with?
A: “We decided that allowing users to upload a CSV file that contained the names and numbers of the contacts was the easiest solution. Once the list is uploaded, users must hit ‘start’ and the dialing will begin. Agents can pause the dialing at any time to carry out other tasks. Once the list is completed, they are given the option to export the file. The exported CSV file has added information like the date and time of the call and the call status, whether it was answered or not.”

Q: This sounds great and useful! But, will it interfere with other integrations on gloCOM?
A: “Not at all! This function works in conjunction with existing gloCOM features. For example, CRM integration, allowing call automation with CRM call logging.

Q: Awesome! What new features can we expect to see?
A: “We are always cooking up new ideas! But all I can say for now is… stay tuned for PBXware version 6!”

If you want to learn more about Personal Dialer and how it works, take a look at ‘What is Personal Dialer?’. If you’re interested in hearing the benefits it has for employees, check out  ‘5 Benefits of Personal Dialer’ on our blog.

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