The Bicom Burger Platter

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“Welcome to Bicom Systems, what can I get you?”
“Mmm! Can I get a PBX burger with a side of UC?” 🍔🍟

Okay, maybe that doesn’t sound very appetizing. But food is a great analogy to explain how PBX and unified communications works! In a previous blog post, I introduced an idea we call “The Bicom Burger”. Account Manager, Kevin Langford, came up with the tasty analogy and we thought it was time to share.  

Just like there are many fast-food chains, there are many telecommunication companies. Each company sells their own version of PBX and/or other suites of Unified Communications. PBX is a standard burger with two buns and a patty, but each company can make their burger unique.

For example, our product PBXware has two buns and a patty similar to others, but we offer different toppings. In this case, toppings would be features. A common topping you find on a burger is cheese, making it a cheeseburger. A common feature that many providers offer is voicemail.

Now to make things more complicated, the type of cheese you offer (cheddar, mozzarella, pepper jack, etc.) is similar to the way your voicemail differs from the competition. PBXware provides transcriptions of your voicemail messages and a recording clip sent to your email. Meaning, even though your burger has cheese on it, it is not necessarily the same cheese as the competition.

Let’s look at more toppings (features).

Lettuce is a common topping on a burger. In this example, let’s say lettuce means CRM integration. Just like there is a variety of lettuce (Iceberg, Romaine, Looseleaf), there are many options of CRMs on the market. PBXware integrates with some of the most popular CRMs like Salesforce, Sugar, and Zoho. It is important to offer your customers options because some businesses will prefer Iceberg to Romaine.

After you’re done creating your PBX burger, you need to pick a side. What goes best with a burger? Fries. What goes best with a proper PBX system? A unified communications application.

Take your business communications to the next level by integrating your VoIP Telephony Platform with a UC application. A UC application will pack everything you need to successfully collaborate with features like IP Phone integration, Softphone, Messaging, Conferencing, Faxing, File transfer and more! For example, Bicom Systems gloCOM integrates seamlessly with PBXware. As good as a burger is on its own, adding a side of fries will enhance your dining experience.

Want to take your order to go? No problem! Eat work on the move with a UC mobile application. gloCOM’s mobile application, gloCOM GO, is your office in your pocket. It has the same calling functionalities as gloCOM and your PBXware Phone system. You can plan phone calls, control your time and set your availability.

One of the great things about the Bicom Burger Platter is it is completely customizable! You can add as many or as little toppings as you want. Once your burger is complete, Bicom Systems allows you to wrap it in your own branded packaging. Your logo, company colors and more can replace the Bicom brand to ensure your customers do not get confused about whom they are buying from. Check out this post and learn how to use this analogy to earn more profit!

So, what will your burger look like? 🍔

My second favorite ‘B’ word after burger, is BOGO.
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