What is Personal Dialer?

Written By Bicom Systems Team

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It is Wednesday afternoon and Scott still has to make about 30 more phone calls before he can call it a day. Scott doesn’t mind the phone calls, he actually enjoys talking to potential customers on the phone. It is the process of dialing the 11 digit phone number only to reach their voicemail that is annoying. To avoid staying late (yet again), he is desperately searching for a solution.

Scott, look no further! Version 5.3 of gloCOM has a new feature called ‘Personal Dialer’ that will make dialing those phone numbers more bearable.

Keep reading to find out how!

Most times, call center agents or persons who place many calls a day get the phone numbers from a list. Personal Dialer is a feature in gloCOM 5.3 that allows users to load that list from a CSV file into the application.

The first line in the file is known as the information section. The user inputs the phone numbers under this section. Besides the information section, follows the ‘identifier’ columns. The identifier column is extremely important to fill out. Labeling the numbers with a name is useful for users so they know who they are currently calling and who the next call is.

To summarize, the first column would be the phone number you are dialing and the second column would be the identifier, such as the person’s name, company, etc. An example of this file would be:

Phone Number

Name Company


Adam Hart

Hart Solutions

202-555-0554 Addie Beasley

Beasley Beats

When the user is on a call it will say who they are talking too and who their next call is. This is useful for the agent because they can get prepared for the next call while wrapping up their current call.

Once the user has the CSV file uploaded to gloCOM they begin by hitting ‘Start’. gloCOM will then call the first number from the list and once the call is done, the next number will dial. This routine will happen one after another until the list is complete or unless the agent pauses the dialer.

At the end of the dialer session, the user can export the session back into a CSV file. The file will have details about the numbers that were dialed. Details like if the call was answered or not and how long it was.

An example of how the file would look is:

Phone Number

Name Company Answered Call Duration


Adam Hart Hart Solutions


3:30 min/sec

202-555-0554 Addie Beasley Beasley Beats NO


Now that we know how Personal Dialer works, stay tuned for “
The Benefits of Personal Dialer”. In the meantime, if you want to learn more about gloCOM 5.3, download the official release notes here or send our sales team an email to sales@bicomsystems.com.

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