Benefits of Archiving Storage

Written By Bicom Systems Team

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Every company has their own data/records retention policy. The retention policy is a rule established by an organization or industry, stating that they must retain their information for x amount of time. The information needs to be kept for operational or regulatory purposes in the future. For example, most health care physicians must keep all of their patient’s files for up to 7 years. Other companies may need to keep their accounting information for a certain amount of time in case they were to ever get audited. Different countries and different industries have certain rules and retention policies.

Aside from the legal aspect, your company may just need to simply keep certain information. It is extremely important to archive important material for future reference. But you can’t store everything on your computer. Storing data externally will take up physical space, decrease productive time while you are looking for the information, and increase the risk of data loss due to external factors out of your control.

Saving the data to a physical server or drive is not the ideal option. So what do you do?

You archive your storage to the cloud!

Bicom Systems newest PBXware, version 5.2, allows customers to use Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3 or their own FTP server to archive their storage. Archived data can consist of anything you or your company finds important that may be needed in the future. You can keep copies of call recordings, voicemails, and faxes etc. and it will make the search and retrieval of the data exceptionally easier. Other benefits include:

Space Saver 
You do not have to dedicate physical space to store paper files or servers full of data. Office spaces can be used to their full potential and information can be easily accessed from a computer or mobile device.

Increase Security 
In the case of a natural disaster, such as flooding or a fire, your records are safe. If you are worried about security breaches or wandering eyes, archiving your storage is safer. You can ensure only authorized individuals have access to particular documents.

Increase Productivity  
Document retrieval is extremely quicker when you archive your storage online. Instead of stifling through a box of files or searching through data drives, you can do a simple search on Google Drive, Dropbox or Amazon S3. Customers spend less time on hold, employees spend less time searching and productivity times increase.

Cost Effective 
Virtual storage space is less expensive compared to renting physical storage space or purchasing more shelving and boxes for the documents. It will also be cheaper in the long run if your documents were to go missing or were destroyed.

Quality Over Quantity 
You have the ability to save what you want and how often you want to save it. Companies can copy the files on a weekly basis so only the most recent information is on their virtualization platform.

Training Benefits 
Companies can keep old call recordings for training purposes! They can showcase real live examples of the difference between a good and bad phone call. Supervisors can compare how agents have improved over time by listening to their first call to their most recent. They also can compare how different calling tactics were successful in the past, versus how they are doing now.

Prevents Data Loss
Ever accidentally delete a spreadsheet that took you all day to complete? Me too. Archived data allows employees to retrieve that information without having to rely on a data recovery expert. It eliminates a huge risk of losing important information that in the end, may not be able to be recovered. 

As your business grows, so will the data. Resellers should rely on an archiving storage platform to protect their most important documents, as well as their customers. There are many options for archiving storage, ensure that your PBX system complies with an effective and cost-efficient solution.

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