2019 Unwrapped!

Written By Bicom Systems Team

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Between the hustle and bustle of 2019, we have accomplished many things! Take a look at the main takeaways from the last 365 days.

Celebrated our 15th Anniversary!

On October 13th, we invited our partners to join us in celebrating this achievement in Las Vegas, Nevada. Believe it or not, this was the first time that we gathered so many of our customers together! So not only were we excited to see them, it was great that they could interact with one another and share their stories. 

Released 3 Product Updates

Technology is continually changing, and our developers are always innovating. As soon as we release one version, we are already implementing new ideas for the next. In 2019 we updated PBxware twice and gloCOM once, with new features for both. Stay tuned for V6 coming to a cloud near you in Q1 2020! 

Attended 14 Trade Shows!

Bicom Systems has been all over the map in 2019. Our team has traveled from Mexico to France and even to Canada. We attended new shows like ISP Summit, and ConvergenciaMX. As well as, our regular shows like WISPAPALOOZA, WISPAMERICA, and IT Partners. Stay tuned to find out where we are headed in 2020! 

Hosted 7 Webinars!

Sometimes you don’t have time to read, or maybe you are a visual learner. Whichever it is, we understand. Webinars are great for just this reason! Users can attend the webinar live or catch the recorded version at a later date. In 2019, Bicom Systems hosted 7 webinars that included some of our partners like Yealink, ThinQ, Fanvil, and ChannelVision MagazineA year in review for telecommunications company

Published 7 Case Studies!

Read real narratives from partners of Bicom Systems. Organizations, big and small, share their experience before and after partnering with Bicom Systems. Stories include details about:

  • Organic growth
  • VAR turning into an MSP
  • Breaking free after a decade as a dealer 
  • NASA 
  • And more! 

If you are thinking of partnering with Bicom Systems and want a case study written, contact our marketing team at marketing@bicomsystems.com

Wrote 85+ Blog Posts

On average, we publish 7 blog posts a month for our Bicom System readers. On top of that, our team also writes for external blogs like ChannelVision Magazine, Telecom Reseller, and UCToday. We cover topics such as: Unified Communications, Cloud, VoIP, Products, Events, and Expos. There is a mix of educational, informative, with a touch of corky. The Bicom blog is also a place where you will find a few quizzes!

Opened 1 New Office

Our new Zenica office marks the fourth office location in the beautiful country of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The opening event gathered some of the company’s closest friends and team members for the traditional ribbon-cutting, an office tour, and a 4-course lunch. The day was exceptional for us, and we look forward to sharing future successes. 

Staff 108+ Employees

We have over 100 people to thank for our success in 2019! Bicom Systems would not be where it is today without our: 

  • Innovative Developers
  • Creative Marketing Team
  • Positive Sales Team
  • Reliable Networking Team 
  • Cheerful Customer Service Staff
  • Dependable Finance Department
  • Optimistic Interns

Bicom Systems is always looking for creative, talented self-starters to join our team! Read some stories of our Interns that transition to becoming an official employee here. If you are interested in joining the Bicom family in 2020, contact us today

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