Bicom Systems’ Partners Program: The Value Beyond the Product

Written By Biljana Milanovic

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Since we have been in the VoIP industry for almost 20 years, we have seen it all: from scaling as a small start-up in United Kingdom to being pioneers in IP PBX technology. The most important lesson we learned is that the people behind the business are any company’s most valuable asset. This is why we decided to create Partners Program – to deliver value beyond the software products we designed.

Our Partners Program has been designed explicitly for resellers in the VoIP and UCaaS industry because our company is steadily growing in the middle market. We are a 100% channel-oriented company providing a friendly and personalized professional environment for all of our partners. Our strategy is very clear regarding market positioning and not any company can be eligible for joining the program. 

Here are some benefits that you get by joining the Partners Program and how we deliver value beyond the product:

1. Full access to our Feature Request Tools. 

No matter which Partner Program level you qualify for, all of our partners have full access to our feature request tools. We know that many of your end-users are in different industries, and therefore, you need to deliver telecommunication solutions with varying features for several customers. 

By requesting features you need, we can tailor any of our software solutions for your business needs. You can scale and grow your business, and Bicom Systems will support you in hitting your target objectives by delivering customized solutions.

2. Immediate invite to the Beta Testing Program.

Our competent engineers in agile teams work very hard to deliver high-quality tech solutions. Bicom Systems is going through an agile transformation and our teams deliver Product Increments in Sprints, leaving plenty of room for feedback and communication with our external stakeholders. 

Our program members are automatically invited to each Beta Testing Phase from Release Management Procedure, actually, we contact them first! We are always encouraging our Partners to share their feedback on feature implementation. 

This is how they contribute to the development of our products. Finally, our Partners are the core of product development and an essential factor in the company’s strategic planning. 

3. Joining Bicom Systems’ community.

Bicom Systems’ Partners have a chance to connect directly through our forum. Since we are a company that is steadily growing in the middle market of unified communications, our approach to tech development and tech support is a bit different – we teach you how to maintain our products through specialized training.

But sometimes you need to connect with another reseller with similar challenges and exchange your experience. This is why we created Bicom Systems’ Forum for Partner Program Members – not to provide an alternative way for tech support but to build a strong community of collaborators in the UCaaS market.

Our forum is moderated by our Business Success team and it is imagined as a place for our resellers, distributors, and partners to connect and exchange experiences, ideas, best practices, and product usages.

In Person Meeting

Regarding Bicom Systems’ community, there is also something relatively new. We have started using ProductBoard to add additional communication channel between product development and our buyers. Besides regular communication through the company’s official channels, ProductBoard is a convenient way for you to communicate directly to our Product Owners with any additional feedback and suggestions that you have.

By using ProductBoard, you have a chance to:

  • To view the status of a feature request;
  • Vote for a request;
  • Add your feedback to a request.

This is how ProductBoard provides a convenient way for our partners to take part in feature development and helps our teams in prioritizing the development of the in-demand features. 

Find out more about our ProductBoard here.  

4. Referral Program

By joining Bicom Systems’ Partners Program, you will get access to the referral program. What does this mean? This means that we will be redirecting our leads from the website directly to you. 

Our sales strategy is aimed at resellers, partners, and agents, but not at the end-users in the telecom sector. Since we receive leads from end-users and local and small resellers looking for a partner to work with, as well as managed service providers, those kinds of referrals will be redirected to members of the Partners Program. 

What are the other benefits of joining the Bicom Systems’ Partners Program?

We have prepared additional benefits for our Partners that are joining our Partners Program, and here are some of them:

  • Besides having access to exclusive discounts, financial incentives vary from one membership level to the next. For example, if you are a Bicom Systems’ Premium Partner, you will receive a 3% additional discount on ALL prices.
  • On the other hand, if you are a Bicom Systems’ Master Partner, you will receive a 5% additional discount on ALL prices. 
  • Exclusive invite to Bicom Systems’ annual awards event;
  • Meeting the Bicom Systems team (Management & Product leads);
  • Customizable on-demand marketing materials.


Even though Bicom Systems’ Partners program is not open to anyone and there are certain requirements to enter since it is exclusive, there are so many benefits that can encourage you to aspire to become one of the program members. 

If you want to know whether you are eligible for the program, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Business Success team via e-mail or contact your account manager directly.


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