10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs an IP PBX

Written By Bicom Systems Team

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What Is IP PBX?

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange. A PBX is a telephone system dedicated to establishing calls internally within the company walls and with the outside world. It connects your telephone extensions to the private switch telephone network (also known as PSTN). On the other hand, IP PBX is a phone system that utilizes TCP/IP protocol. It delivers audio and video data through the converged network. Combining PBX features with VoIP leads to a massive cost reduction compared to a standard telephone line.

One of the IP PBX system’s capabilities is that it can be used as physical hardware and a software platform, providing organizations with more alternatives.

10 reasons why you should switch to IP PBX:

Upgrading to IP private branch exchange should be the obvious decision for every organization because it saves money on call handling, maintenance, and fees. Aside from the evident financial benefits, IP PBX phone systems offer a considerable variety of benefits, such as:

1) Ease of installation and configuration

IP PBX operates as a computer-based application and may take advantage of the computer’s increased processing capacity and its user interface and functionalities. An IP PBX may be installed and maintained by anybody with a basic understanding of networking and computers. In contrast, a proprietary telephone system frequently requires a skilled installer.

2) Web/GUI-based management

You can easily manage IP PBX via a web-based configuration interface or a graphical user interface (GUI), which allows you to maintain and fine-tune your phone system. The interfaces on proprietary phone systems are frequently tricky and intended to be utilized only by phone specialists.

3) International calls

You may easily use VoIP providers for long-distance and international calls. The monthly savings are substantial. If your company has offices in different geographical locations, you may effortlessly link telephone systems and make free phone calls between them.

4) No telephone wires

An IP telephone system enables the direct connection of hardware IP phones to a regular computer network port. You can install software phones directly on your computer. This feature makes any installing or transferring of extensions hassle-free. 

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5) No vendor lock-in with IP PBX

In contrast to a proprietary telephone system, IP PBX allows you to integrate and link any SIP hardware or software phone with any SIP-based IP PBX, PSTN Gateway, or VoIP service.

6) Scalability of IP PBX phone system

Legacy PBX systems are easy to outgrow. That’s not the case with the IP PBX system. Scale up or down with ease, depending on your business needs. Add more extensions with just a couple of clicks in no time!

7) Improved productivity and customer satisfaction

IP PBX is a computer-based system, which means that you can integrate your phone functions with your business applications and simplify how you do business. E.g., after receiving a call from a customer, your employees will automatically get insight into the customer’s record and call history, which dramatically improves the customer experience.

8) More features for less money

Switching to IP PBX gives you a modern phone platform and opens the door to the world of Unified Communications. Audio and video conferencing, applications for computers and mobile phones, instant chat, file exchange are just some of the wealthy offers of UC.

9) Hot desking & WFH

Working from home is another significant advantage. WFH has lately risen to the top of the perks organizations provide to existing and potential workers. In today’s world, the work-life balance is becoming increasingly vital. Working from home is something that a traditional PBX just cannot provide. 

Also, due to IP PBX adaptability, hot desking is a straightforward procedure for everyone who comes to work in the office.

10) The user user-friendliness of SIP phones

In contrast to traditional “system phones”, SIP phones offer users a high level of user-friendliness, thanks to a simple GUI. No more struggle when setting up a conference call or transferring a call. SIP phones offer much more flexibility and features.

Why choose Bicom Systems as your business phone system?

Bicom Systems has been in the VoIP market for 18 years, and our IP PBX solution PBXware is utilized by both small and large enterprises. With Bicom Systems and our private white label UCaaS platform, you can:

Increase the value of your business by utilizing our infrastructure, investment, technology, people, and knowledge to enter the growing UCaaS market.

Enhance Your Brand by promoting and delivering UCaaS services under your distinct brand on a local, regional, national, or worldwide scale. Adding value to your company.

Do Business Your Way because, with Bicom Systems, you establish your own pricing and service plans, do everything your way, and have complete control.


Switching to a modern telephone platform offers countless benefits for you and your employees. Bicom Systems’ solutions elevate businesses regularly. Do not hesitate to find out more on our website, or contact one of our experts.

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