7 Reasons Why Empathy Is the Core of Customer Experience Success

Written By Biljana Milanovic

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As we are slowly moving towards an experience economy, selling a unique experience to a customer has become imperative for many companies in several industries – and UCaaS is no exception. Living during the pandemic COVID-19 has taken a toll on our everyday lives, which is precisely why customers want more from the services and products they are paying for. 

The benefits of the UCaaS industry have become even more apparent with the COVID-19 pandemic still going on and the majority of the global workforce still working from home. Free time has become a rarity and finding a work-home balance while remoting has become a real challenge.

Because of the reasons mentioned above, showing empathy is the key success factor for your business.  Here’s why Bicom Systems’ holistic approach to customer service can also help you with your customers.

1) Customers highly appreciate unique and personalized customer journeys.

Nobody likes being one of many – it is vitally important to show your customers that they are essential to you by providing a unique journey tailored explicitly for their needs.

Nowadays, omnichannel customer experience is getting even more attention with all of the communication channels available – from social media, messaging, forums, and educational forms of content marketing. Some researchers show that customers want to educate themselves through FAQs, user guides, and in the UCaaS industry – through technical documentation.

This is why it’s crucial to ask your customers their wants, needs, and preferences and then adapt the communication accordingly. Bicom Systems has successfully educated customers and partners through personalized onboarding, deployment, and training. We are known for being very eager to hear feedback from our partners, and they will tell you that! 

Every customer wants to be treated as the only one. Show them that you appreciate their support no matter what, treat their pain points with empathy and respect. Educate them on everything they want and need to know.

2) Empathy is not only visible through communication manners, but in numbers too. 

When it comes to showing empathy through numbers, we have one great example from a very successful company in the B2C business – Spotify. Their popular yearly round-ups filled with exciting numbers and eye-catching visuals, which everyone on social media shares, send a clear message – this is your data, and that is why we understand you. They use numbers to showcase the moods and preferences personalized to their customers. 

This is the direction of CX data points Bicom Systems is currently aiming for. The customer experience team at our company gives us many unique data points to measure the effectiveness of new approaches, especially when compared and analyzed with complementary data from other teams and departments.

CX data is constantly changing, and there is always something new to test and improve. Even though we are not using our CX data for marketing promotion to our customers (as Spotify currently is), we are using it to personalize the customer journey of our partners. 

Customer Experience Representatives

3) Investing in soft skills training of your employees can lead to customer retention.

Emotional intelligence is a valuable business skill of the 21st century. It seems like companies who show empathy to their customers are more likely to generate higher revenues than companies who do not.

However, it’s not enough to use empathic statements while messaging the target audience – there needs to be a proper understanding of the customer, their wants, and needs. Customers need to feel like companies genuinely understand their situation and pain points. 

Internal improvements of customer experience management through the nursing of soft skills might be the right way to approach this. Highly qualified customer experience representatives who show empathy in their everyday interactions with customers are more likely to affect overall customer retention and loyalty. 

Bicom Systems CX team is helping customers to express their feelings and motives through various channels. Dedication to converting customers’ feedback into a positive change is vital for our company. But this would be unattainable without our highly trained employees who are passionate about their job.

4) Inclusion of customers’ needs is necessary for quality strategic planning.

The company’s top management needs to understand the importance of customer inputs to survive in a challenging and competitive market. As we move towards an experience economy where customers are willing to pay even more for a unique experience, their feedback is essential. Doing business in B2B highlights the importance of empathy to customer feedback. 

The holistic approach of Bicom Systems CX is the integration of every aspect of the company. From product offering, customer service, accessibility, up to the reliability of all services and products. In other words, Bicom Systems is beyond the product.

As a B2B company, our goals are clear. We are helping our partners in their strategic positioning by striving to become a customer-centric business environment.

Call Center

5) Shorter and simpler procedures can lead to higher customer satisfaction.

No customer wants to go through many back and forth if they want to report a complaint. Improving internal procedures to be reachable anytime via omnichannel can benefit your customers’ satisfaction and loyalty. Earning a customer’s trust is a win-win situation for both parties, and this is highly unlikely if communication channels and procedures are unnecessarily long and complicated.

Bicom Systems created simple internal and external escalation procedures to solve customers’ problems. There is a lesser chance of unnecessary reports by educating customers beforehand and providing them with top-notch documentation. Nevertheless, communication channels should be within reach of the customers, including optimized procedures. This is something that we are working hard to maintain.

6) Envisioning the customer’s perspective in the B2B customer journey is crucial for the highly competitive market.

Most B2B companies struggle with a customer-centric approach since they find it challenging to envision customers’ perspectives.

There are two biggest challenges leaders of the B2B industry are facing. The first one is defining who their customers really are. The second one is adapting the digital strategy to each customer. Some of the mentioned challenges are the ones Bicom Systems currently faces. 

On the other hand, we enhance our internal processes and strengths by delivering adequate data and information to our customers. Consequently, we are helping our partners in their market positioning and thus strengthening our position in the UCaaS industry. We go one step further – by developing new ideas based on the opinions of our customers.

Empathy in B2B CX

7) No matter what, customers always admire the dedication.

Last but not least, dedication is something that every customer can feel. Following emerging industry trends is vital to stay on the radar. Still, honest communication and peaceful simplicity are something that every customer wishes to get from their experience.

How does Bicom Systems care about its customers?

  • By being the voice of our partners and envisioning partner’s perspective;
  • By developing easy and within reach procedures for partners;
  • Through strategic planning inspired by partners’ feedback;
  • By constantly improving the soft skills of customer-experience representatives;
  • Conducting in-depth research of new strategies and emerging trends;
  • By personalizing experience and partners’ journey. 

If we inspired you to consider us as an empathic partner in the UCaaS market – look no further and contact us here.

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