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If we learned anything from the past year, it’s the importance of preparing for the unexpected. Equipping your business to ensure continuity from sudden disruptions is one of the most innovative things any MSP or Telecom Reseller can do. 

Downtime, especially out of the blue, can be detrimental to many organizations. By working with a provider who offers Geo-Redundancy, you can ensure the continuity of communication for both you and your customers. 


Geo-Redundancy, also known as GR, distributes infrastructures like servers across multiple data centers that span various geographical locations. The idea behind this method is to ensure resiliency against any reason that would cause a network outage. For example, if hardware or software fails, emergency maintenance, or a natural disaster strikes. By implementing GR, the provider and their customer’s data will be secure. 

Basically, GR is an additional level of protection against business disruption, or even going under completely. You are planning for failure, for the unexpected, because the cost of business disruption during a disaster can be enormous! To some, it can cause the company to close altogether. In life, we stay prepared by keeping a spare tire in our trunk, carrying an umbrella in case it rains, or buying candles in fear of a power outage. So why should we treat our businesses any differently? 

Having the ability to activate a secondary site remotely means your customers experience little to no downtime.


  • Business Continuity
  • Data Protection
  • Simple Scalability 
  • Reliability 
  • Efficiency
  • Security 
  • Competitive Advantage

Think of your communications platform running as a school bus on the road. The students on the bus are your customers. You are driving along, and out of nowhere, the bus comes to a halt due to construction! Thanks to GR, when your platform fails or hits a roadblock, the workload will seamlessly transfer to another location. There is no downtime, and your customers often do not notice the switch. Back to our school bus example, the students wouldn’t see you taking a detour to get to their destination. Meaning, you are ensuring communication continuity! 

On SERVERware V4.1, the Geo-Redundancy feature is now available on all editions, Standalone, Mirror, and Cluster. If all storage data of VPSs is available on the second site, that means that services can be restored on computational resources of that second site in a faster manner. SERVERware provides a handy graphical user interface that enables these operations to be performed in just a few clicks. In the event of a failover, the system will run site availability tests. If some or all tests fail, a few things can happen based on the partner’s preferences. Either the administrator will be notified, the takeover will be initiated, or both.

For more information regarding Geo-Redundancy and SERVERware 4.1, take a look at the release notes here

The last thing your business and customers need is another disruption. Learn how to get your hands on the Geo-Redundancy feature in SERVERware V4.1 by contacting your Account Manager. If you are new here and looking to begin a partnership with Bicom Systems, reach out to our sales team. 

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