New Features for Greater Efficiency in SERVERware 4.1

Written By Laura Kyle

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Your customers deserve a better virtualization experience. Not all platforms are made for telephony. Some are not even actual cloud platforms. 

Meet SERVERware: The only virtualization platform tailored to hosting telephony and unified communications in the cloud. SERVERware V4.1 has some exciting new features that we are sure you’ll want to offer to your customers.  


First things first, Geo-Redundancy, also known as GR, distributes infrastructure like servers across multiple data centers that span various geographical locations. Learn why you need Geo-Redundancy in our previous blog post here

In SERVERware V4.1, users can now perform time-scheduled snapshots and sync their data and customers’ data from one location to another. The GR feature is similar to the high availability ‘SERVERware 1.x duplication’ feature found in previous versions. However, geo-redundancy is much more advanced with its functionalities. 

The takeover of services on a remote site has minimal impact on data shift. Not to mention having the ability to activate a secondary site remotely means your customers experience little to no downtime. If you are interested in learning more about the summary of properties and how to upgrade, take a look at the Downloads page here


In SERVERware V4.1, administrators can monitor remote sites by performing a set of tests that will report whether the monitored site is available or not. The administrators can add any type of action to be executed in the event a test fails. The two activities available if a test fails are: 

  1. Trigger the alarm notification.
  2. Trigger the takeover from the template.


Archiving your data to the cloud is hugely beneficial. It is used to reduce primary storage consumption and the costs related to it. Even though some data is no longer in use, you must safely store it for future use or regulatory compliance reasons. 

In SW V4.1, the archives menu item produces a graphical view of all the archives on the system. Archiving can be managed individually per VPS and/or per domain. Depending on the VPS status attached to the archive, you can find it in many states and take action accordingly.  


These days everyone is busy and nobody wants their routine to be interrupted. Our team considered the administrator’s time when adding in this feature. Now, SERVERware administrators no longer need to wait on the same screen for the installation to finish! They can configure all the necessary settings and parameters for an installation at the beginning and leave the installer unattended to complete all of the remaining steps while they work on other tasks. 

The four features above are only the beginning of new items found in SERVERware V4.1. Head over to the official Bicom Systems downloads page to look at the Changelogs and Release notes for this update. Or connect with your Account Manager to get more details on the latest release. 

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