How to Move On From Nortel

Written By Edin Alic

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nortelNortel (also known as Nortel Norstar or Meridian Phone Systems) customers are facing a crossroads and must begin making decisions about their future. The world of telephony is overwhelming and many leaving Nortel Networks and BCM 50 are unsure which direction to move. The decision is made a little easier by Life After Nortel: SMB Migration Roadmap and Buying Decision Checklist from Ziff Davis.

The whitepaper from Ziff Davis lays out several options and roadmaps and encourages companies to take the initiative to make a decision before their competition gets ahead of them. The move from TDM to VoIP may be intimidating but it is necessary and ultimately beneficial.

Ready to move forward? You have three options:

1. Stay with Nortel
If your company is satisfied with its current system and is still reaping the benefits from its initial investment with Nortel, it could stay on board for another year. Avaya will continue supporting Nortel customers until October 2015. However, keep in mind that the competition is beginning to make the move to VoIP and will be leaps and bounds ahead a year from now.

2. Transition to Avaya
Avaya promises a seamless move to their VoIP system for current Nortel customers. The move would be relatively painless and your company would not lose its support system along the way. Avaya is big and has a good reputation; making it a viable option for your company. But as long as your company is going through a migration, consider all of your options.

3. Switch to a new provider
If you are ready for something completely new, delve into all of the new telephony options on the market today. Perhaps you want the latest technology; maybe you want to switch to a smaller company that will give you more personalized attention; or maybe you want to spend less on telephony – you are sure to find something that meets your needs.

Ready to switch to a new provider but unsure how to choose? Stay tuned for our next post How to Choose a New Provider after Nortel.

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