Hybrid Working in a Contact Center

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This blog post was written in collaboration with Poly.

The traditional Monday-Friday, 9 am-5 pm office hours are starting to become nonexistent. And we are confident most workplaces will not be returning to their ‘pre-pandemic’ norms. However, the service delivered by your Contact Centers must remain the same as it always has, if not better. 

As your workplace evolves, you’ll need to consider how to enable teams in the new era of hybrid working. What does this look like for Contact Center agents? Why hybrid working? 

Essentially, it empowers employees with the right tools to get work done wherever they are – whether from the office or home. Not to mention, hybrid working is something employees have now come to expect. They’ve realized they can work just as effectively from home as they can from the office (without commuting)

Now you need to provide your team with gear that offers both reliability and flexibility to work from any location. But moving to a hybrid model in your Contact Center can be complex. You don’t want to throw away perfectly good desk phones! So you’ll most likely find yourself mixing old and new telephony equipment and blending softphones with desk phones. 


The new DA75, 85, and 85-M from Poly combined with Poly compatible headsets and Bicom Systems PBXware Contact Center Edition

The DA Series from Poly features innovative, digital headset adapters that make home or office working a breeze. With simple yet innovative new features, these smart digital adapters will seriously improve your ability to implement hybrid working. Paired with our PBXware CC edition, you can give your agents all the tools they need to effectively start and manage inbound call campaigns with detailed statistics, reporting, monitoring, and more! 


The DA85-M is the first Call Center-specific QD adapter to feature a native Microsoft Teams experience.  If you are already on Teams or considering moving to it, the DA85-M will open the full Teams experience – easy Teams access, missed call notifications, and seamless integration. Not only does it integrate with Teams, but it also performs perfectly with Bicom Systems products. 

We recently announced our integration with Call2Teams! Our partners can offer their customers the option to enable calls in Microsoft Teams using their existing PBXware phone system. A huge selling point of this integration is that users can still use their PBX, SIP trunks, numbers, and Poly headsets! 


While this was our first pandemic, it was not the first time preparing employees to work from home for neither Poly nor Bicom Systems. The DA75 and 85 are Poly’s fourth-generation USB to QD digital adapters, so to say they have learned a lot about how people use them is an understatement.  

The new adapters feature improved cable durability because hybrid working means your employees will be taking equipment between the office and their homes for the first time. They enhanced the audio experience incredibly well regardless of the headset type being used – the smart DA75 and 85 detect the headset type and dynamically adjust the audio to match.


Together, Bicom Systems PBXware CC and Poly’s DA75/85 adapters and headsets are the culmination of what we have learned from working with many users over many years! We both enjoy focusing on what agents need to make running a traditional or hybrid contact center easier. All of the features and benefits work just as well if you migrate to a PC-based softphone, a cloud-connected soft client, or even a desk phone with a USB port.

Get your agents back to work whether in the office, at home, or a mix of both with Bicom Systems PBXware Contact Center and the Poly DA series.  

This blog post was written in collaboration with Poly.

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