An Intern’s Guide: Hybrid Working

Written By Bicom Systems Team

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The month of March marks the second anniversary of the Coronavirus pandemic and the transition from the traditional work model to a hybrid. As a full-time University student and a part-time member of the workforce, I had the privilege of experiencing this transition firsthand. From the office to class, and even in my personal life, I discovered five essential elements you need to succeed in hybrid working. 

1. Have a Set Schedule 🗓

Creating a set schedule (and sticking to it) is crucial for hybrid work! Navigating a work-life balance is hard; now imagine throwing in locations, packing equipment, and planning meetings. A set schedule will become your best friend because you can plan your days based on where you are working.

For example, you may be easily distracted in an office setting and prefer to schedule your lighter duties for those days. When you plan to work from your house, you can concentrate on your heavier tasks. Ensure your calendar syncs with your work life, home life, and beyond. That way, you will know where and when you need to be, and you will avoid any mix-ups along the way. 

2. Download Applications that Work for YOU 📲

Hybrid working and unified communication applications go hand in hand.  Instant messaging and virtual meeting applications that work seamlessly with your needs will make your life easier. 

Working at Bicom Systems has allowed me to use two UC applications, gloCOM and gloCOM GO. I use gloCOM as a desktop application and gloCOM GO on my mobile device. Both applications are BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), so I did not have to learn a new operating system. I use both to connect with coworkers, work on tasks, and attend virtual meetings. 

One feature I enjoy from the applications is the real-time sync between desktop and mobile. As a university student, my classes sometimes go late. If I am running late for work, I can pull out my phone and use the chat function on gloCOM GO to let my managers know. Once I am in the office with my laptop, I can swap applications and never miss anything. 

3. Invest in Home Office Essentials 🗂

Sometimes people neglect their home office when working within a hybrid model. Investing in quality headsets and stands can help with productivity and efficiency when working from the comfort of your home. Having a space away from distractions where you feel you can tap into your professional mindset makes all the difference. 

From personal experience, there’s a big difference between attending a meeting on your couch and from a desk. When you’re in your home, your attitude changes because you are in your comfortable space, following your own rules. However, the change in environment can contradict your manager’s expectations of you. 

Creating a space as far away from personal distractions like kids, chores, and chaos will minimize the likeliness that distractions will find you, all while creating a professional environment to help you maintain that workday feeling. When designing your space, try to create it like an office that supports productivity. Items like noise-canceling headphones, computer stands, and organization supplies will help you bring your office to your home. 

4. Treat a WFH Day like an Office Day🏡🏢

There is no denying that people prefer working in one place over the other. There is always one spot you will be more productive. Unfortunately, many fall victim to treating a home day like a day off. They tend to wake up later, neglect their daily office routine, log off early, etc. Keeping your office momentum is a sure-fire way to succeed in a hybrid work environment.

Take a look at three tips that have helped me keep the pace when switching between work environments. 

  • No sleeping in! Wake up at the same time you would if you were heading to the office. By waking up later on a WFH day, you subconsciously tell yourself that it is a relaxed day.  
  • Create a daily routine of small tasks. This trick has helped me succeed in all aspects of my life. Whether it is getting ready or eating at the same time, you should have at least three things that will remain consistent, no matter the circumstances. My small tasks checklist is: 
      • Meditate when I wake up
      • 10 am drink my tea 
      • 9 pm chill out with music 

These small things act as checkpoints throughout my day and allow me to always feel on track. 

  • No PJs! Dress to impress (like you are going to the office) even if it’s for yourself because when you don’t feel the part, your actions will follow. Now let’s not get crazy; you don’t need to break out the steam press. But at least get your upper half ready! 

5. Be Kind to Yourself🥰

Balancing life with hybrid working can get tricky. Be easy with yourself and understand that this work model is new for many people. The most you can do is your best, and your attitude helps define your success. Patience and optimism are key!

Blog Post was written by Leila Kincade, a Marketing Intern at Bicom Systems

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