IP PBX System Part 4: Selling an IPPBX System

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A Bicom Systems Whitepaper examining On-Site and Hosted IP PBX Systems
November 2012



Today, end users have the flexibility to choose from on-site and hosted solutions as described above. It is important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of those options and how they relate to the end user. The ultimate goal is to market a solution to end users that is most appropriate to their business and requirements.

The following are methods of comparing IP PBX features:

ROI Calculator An ROI calculator can be used to convince potential customers of the financial benefits of the IP PBX solution. By preparing a calculation, the provider can demonstrate the literal savings from using their method. For example, an on-site IP PBX will include the following costs:

  • Initial cost of the equipment
  • Firewall
  • SIP Security software
  • Storage software & equipment (back-up)
  • Maintenance
  • Salary for administrators and technicians

The ROI calculator shows the total up-front and maintenance cost which can be compared to the low, flat-rate associated with a hosted solution.

Performance After price, most end users’ top concern will be performance. The provider must prove to potential clients the impressive speed, reliability, and scalability of IP PBX solution. For example, a provider may outline the amount of time it would take to install and configure an onsite system for the client’s needs. This could take weeks on end. However, a hosted system is ready to use so the customer’s new solution could be ready in mere hours.Another point to demonstrate is increased scalability. If the customer is planning to grow or expecting any change in the future, a hosted solution will make those changes much more easily.An on-site solution offers more flexibility and control which appeals to some end users and will convince them of the superiority of an onsite solution.
Security Finally, the security of hosted IP PBX solutions is a common concern among end users. The idea of a dedicated, on-site system sounds much more secure than a remote or virtual one.Providers must explain the enhanced security options that they offer. Solution providers should have security technology in place that is superior to that of companies with on-site solutions. This will prevent SIP attacks and hacking.

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