ISDN Switch Off – Now What?

Written By Bicom Systems Team

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Phasing out of ISDN has commenced!

  BT, also known as British Telecom, is the largest provider in the UK of fixed-line, broadband, and mobile services. Back in 2015, they announced that they would be phasing out their ISDN and PSTN networks over the next five years. BT said they would stop taking new ISDN orders in 2020 with the goal of switching off and completely deactivating the ISDN network in 2025. 

When this was released, many providers thought ‘ten years, that sounds like ‘future me’ problems!’ Well, it is 2020, and BT has stopped taking new ISDN orders. It also means we are five years away from the deactivation of the ISDN network. Now it is time to explore other options than ISDN lines. Options that will enhance the way we communicate. 

Psst! Did you know the alternative to ISDN is IP solutions? 

Hosted VoIP uses your internet lines instead of the traditional copper phone lines. It is the perfect option for users who want a functional and scalable phone system without the upfront purchasing costs and extra maintenance fees. 

A VoIP provider will manage the business phone system in a private data center, and the user has access to lower costs, free IP calling, and features like call recording, conferencing, and collaboration tools. A hosted VoIP solution will give users peace of mind. 

A bonus of switching to Hosted VoIP is the Unified Communications services you can add on. UC allows users to utilize other devices like laptops, mobile phones, and tablets to make phone calls. It is like having your office in your pocket

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