The Untold Stories of Bicom Systems – Support 2

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Today’s story is brought to you by Adnan Busuladzic. Adnan is our Deployment and Training Team Lead, working in the Support Department at Bicom Systems. 

The Untold Stories of Bicom Systems – Support 2
A Hacker’s Clean Sweep 

Many years ago, in a kingdom far away, a client came in with an urgent request. They stated their system was under attack and was being hacked! 

The client reported that they were experiencing many, regular fraudulent calls. A hacking concern is something our support team does not take lightly. The team did some in-depth troubleshooting and found two things. 

                ITEMS FOUND                       YES          NO

Worrying Calls


Hacking Activity


Now, it was alarming to find that yes, there were questionable calls, but no hacking activity? How does that make sense!?

To find out more about this mysterious hacker, they gave it a last attempt. Support left a tracer overnight that would gather various information from going in and out of the system. By doing this, they were hoping to find out how the hacker was getting into the system. 

The next day rolls around, and the support team inspects the gathered information from the tracer. It shows repeated fraudulent calls, but they realized the calls were not made by a remote hacker. The calls were actually made by a phone assigned to a particular extension. To make things even more confusing, the extension belonged to an employee named Jack. 

Jack, like all the other employees, does not work overnight. Also, the destinations of the calls that were made have no relation to Jack. Not even just Jack, the calls do not add up with the office where the phone was at all! 

The Bicom Systems support team relayed this information to the client. Together they agreed the next step in this investigation was to review the security camera footage of the time of the hack. The videotape confirmed it was not Jack making the calls. In fact, it was not any of their employees. 

Though the tape did reveal one time. It was found that the overnight building cleaning lady was calling her family back home in Eastern Europe. She was spending hours on the phone with her sons, cousins, calling her bank and so on! 

The End!

Another mysterious issue solved by an outstanding support team! Keep checking back to hear more Untold Stories of Bicom Systems.

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