The Untold Stories of Bicom Systems – Support 1

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A good support team must solve problems promptly and ensure their customers have received fast, accurate, friendly responses. They must identify the problems and then pass them on to the right team. The support team must communicate with both employees and customers. Since they are involved in many aspects of the business, I thought they might have some good stories to share! Some funny, some frightening, some downright unbelievable.

The Untold Stories of Bicom Systems – Support 1
The Electric Pulses   

Once upon a time, in London, we had a support ticket come in for voice quality. The customer said the poor voice quality would move from one phone to another and back again. Sometimes, from one desk in the corner to the front reception area and then all the way to the back office near the bathroom. 

In the office, there were about 20 phones. The randomness associated with the issue had everyone going mad! Support did EVERYTHING they could. They listened (in-depth) to the quality of the voice files, checked the network, did the obvious ‘turn it off and back on again,’ and more. But still, it was not fixed. 

So, what did they do? The support team paid a trip to this office in London. 

The troops arrive, and the office manager explains the situation. They start showing the team the area and point to the phones.

“Sometimes it’s that one for 2 hours, and then this one. That one was great, and then for 2 days, we had the issue with it!” 

At this point in the story, we should mention that at the time, it was August. Probably the hottest month for London. 

As our team is looking around the office, they notice a huge air conditioning unit in the middle of the room.

One of the support members asked the office manager, “do you leave this on here all the time?” Which the office manager replies, “no, it depends who is hot or cold.”

The employees in the office have been moving this air conditioning system around the room. Plugging it in the same power outlet their VoIP phone was connected to. The air conditioning system was so loud and large that when it was plugged in, the electric pulses were disrupting the voice quality. 

Meaning, when John got hot and moved the AC system beside his desk, it would affect his call quality. Then, when Sandra at reception wanted the AC system, it would affect her phone. And so on. 

The end. 

Although it was probably frustrating at the moment, trying to figure out the mysterious issue, it is a funny story.😂 Stay tuned for more stories that come from support or other departments. If you can relate or want to share a similar problem, comment below! We would love to hear from you.  

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