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I was speaking recently with a Distributor. His reseller had been using Kolmisoft but found he was as the end of the road. I asked why the reseller was moving. He replied to his own experience and then the reseller’s:

I used Kolmisoft. Three years ago before you developed Dialer. I used many programs to have experience, and then asked your developers to develop accordingly. Kolmisoft Dialer is good, however, it is basically a softswitch. There are no good PBX functions at all.

So it can’t be done with Kolmisoft.

This is what I know from 3 years ago experience.

What I got from our partner:

I asked him how many customers do they have, he couldn’t give any number, however he replied they need a good solution to make customers etc. So in my opinion they tried with Kolmisoft (they did so because they used the dialer module of it) but it did not satisfy in terms of PBX functionalities, so they are looking for a Multi Tenant product.

Anyone else able to add to the knowledge base?



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