Why a Real MT is in the Cloud

Written By Bicom Systems Team

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It is the same song and dance we hear all the time. Providers start out with a free PBX solution – or even a paid one that is not a true Multi-Tenant – and dedicate one virtualization machine per customer. Sure this plan is doable and is often cheap, but the problem is a makeshift multi-tenant solution is not a long term plan. Eventually, the provider will have a long list of logins and IPs for each system and each customer. One wrong move, and it may end up costing them more money than if they would have purchased a real multi-tenant from the beginning! 

If the above seems familiar, we have some good news.
Real multi-tenant solutions exist!

Multi-tenancy is a type of software architecture that allows you to support multiple customers (tenants) on one infrastructure. A true MT can handle numerous customers on a single server by taking advantage of the Cloud.

There are many advantages of a multi-tenant that benefits both the user and the reseller. Learn how they are cost-effective, flexible, and easy to maintain here.  However, a multi-tenant solution cannot help you reach your full potential without utilizing the Cloud.

Bicom Systems develops only true cloud-based multi-tenant products. Our solution was designed from the start to support unlimited users and scalability in the Cloud. Today, our MT Edition of PBXware 6.0 is 100% scalable to fit the needs of any business. Providers can save time and money with a real MT by: 

  • Maintaining and Supporting One Solution for All Customers
  • Using Fewer Resources
  • Sharing Resources 
  • Releasing Updates Virtually
  • No Hardware or Maintenance Costs

Everything is easier for both the user and the reseller when a multi-tenant is in the cloud. Resellers no longer have to deal with CPE to get around NAT. Nor must they visit customer sites to keep everything running. With hosted, you can expand your target market because everything can be managed online. 

Avoid the nightmare of migrating your customers and settings to a new platform. Do it right the first time by implementing a real multi-tenant infrastructure. To learn more about our latest update to PBXware MT 6.0, take a look at the release notes here. Or contact our sales team at sales@bicomsystems.com.

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