Our Software. Your Infrastructure! Part 2

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Welcome back to part two of our interview with Cian Maher, CTO of Intellicom, and Bicom Systems’ Product Manager. If you are just joining us, we are talking about when it makes sense to deploy an on-premise solution. The answer we received in part one was a two-fold response. 

To recap, on-premise solutions make sense for organizations that would prefer their data on-site, like hospitals, law firms, or government offices. Or organizations that do NOT get their Internet from their telephony provider. Take a look at part one here

Now that we know when it makes sense to deploy an on-premise solution let’s talk about what happens after the sale. 

How is support different from on-premise solutions vs. hosted?

“If an on-premise customer experiences a problem, it has to be fixed in-house. Whereas we can resolve a hosted solution online through the infrastructure. If every customer had hosted, you would never need to carry spare parts.”

Do you find yourself needing to fix on-premise solutions often?

“Rarely. It is our software and their infrastructure. We manage the software, and the customer will manage the infrastructure. We work with manufacturers and recommend certain hardware, but it doesn’t mean our customers must invest money into new infrastructure.”

“It is important to stress that a company can use their existing hardware and network. That is the benefit and intelligence of our solutions!”

If you were to make an ‘on-premise checklist’ what would you include? 

“Based on what you are trying to achieve, your minimum requirements should be: 

  • They are a large organization 
  • With a skilled IT/Support team 
  • They have the budget for upfront hardware costs
  • They want to accept ownership of their data/hardware/software
  • They have the physical space

Thanks Cian! Do you have any final thoughts?

“I think it is important to say that in time, everyone’s goal will be to move to a cloud-based solution. Some do not have the connectivity they need or protection they prefer, so on-premise wins for now.”

We are aware that some providers are pushing hosted to companies and organizations that are not ready to make the switch. If you feel like you are in that situation, Bicom Systems can support you just as you are! We realize the risks involved in moving to the cloud and that is why our team is available to help with the transition from beginning to end.  

There are also hybrid options available to better secure on-premise end users. Partners can offer this advanced setup to customers that have the proper infrastructure. If you offer SERVERware in your data center and your customer prefers an on-premise system, you can offer a ‘back-up’ in your data center. Backups can be done weekly or monthly and if your customer’s physical server is damaged, their data will be safe in your cloud.  

Either as part of a transition path or for those customers where it truly makes sense to deploy an on-premise solution, at Bicom Systems, we can and will work with anyone!

Let’s chat! Send our sales team an email at sales@bicomsystems.com or visit our website to learn more.

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