SOCS uses gloCOM GO to Save the Day!

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SOCS, also known as Southern Ohio Communications Services, is an internet and communications provider, who offers Hosted PBX and Residential VoIP services. They have over 30 years of experience in the telecommunications industry and are trust Bicom Systems partners. 
Bicom Systems helped SOCS solve their need for innovation and SOCS recently solved a pressing problem for a very important customer. We found the story so interesting we had to share it with our readers! 
A local police department was moving to a new location and decided to switch to a whole new phone system. They contacted SOCS and after seeing gloCOM decided to use them as their new voice provider.
SOCS helped them prepare a plan for moving day. The cable company that provided Internet and analog lines moved everything to the new location and the department would be able to use the new SOCS solution as soon as they stepped into the new office. Behind the scenes, SOCS forwarded their old landlines to a dedicated number while porting those numbers directly into the new solution.
Move-in day was approaching and everything was ready to go! Then SOCS got an unexpected call. A final inspection from the State of Ohio did not come through in time and move-in was delayed by a week. With all of their communications set up and ready to use, they could not access the new office.
This type of problem would be an inconvenience for any company or organization, but for a police department, it was especially concerning. Of course 911 was still 100% functional, but the ability to get a hold of individuals directly was gone. 
A city council member called SOCS asking if there was anything they could do to help get the department back up and running. They had no Internet or phone lines but desperately needed the ability to communicate. Aaron Swango and Chris Harris of SOCS put their heads together and, four hours later, the police department had a working solution! 
The key to the solution? Mobile phones. 
While the department no longer had Internet or landlines, they did have personal cell phones and mobile data. And SOCS had gloCOM GO, Bicom Systems’ Unified Communications mobile app. gloCOM GO is designed to give users all of the communicating abilities of their office right in the palm of their hand. 
Long story short, SOCS was able to set up tenants and extensions and install the gloCOM GO app on each officer’s mobile device so that they were back in contact. 

Did we mention they did this in just four hours?!

Part of the reason that SOCS was so quick to find and implement this solution was that they had installed gloCOM GO many times before! They are very familiar with its capabilities and implementation process. They always encourage customers to use the mobile app and this story is a perfect example of its benefits. 
A happy police department not only made it through the week, but actually found this mobile solution to be even more efficient than their traditional solution. For the first time, they could take and make business calls while away from their desks. 

“They were in love with that feature,” Chris recalls. “They thought it was great that we were able to come up with that solution for them while this whole thing was unfolding.” 

Aaron adds that “one of the big selling features with Bicom is your versatility and the speed with which you can respond to people.” 

We applaud SOCS for their quick thinking and acting in a critical situation that turned into a success story for everyone involved
Learn more about SOCS and how they are staying ahead of VoIP Trends with PBXware in their case study. 
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