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You probably heard the news already.  Bicom Systems PBXware now integrates with Microsoft Teams through Call2Teams, thanks to our partnership with Qunifi! If you have not heard and are interested in learning more about the integration, look at our recent blog posts on this topic. 

We have already shared with you the reasons we chose Qunifi and how the integration works, plus the value that this integration offers our partners. But do you know about all of PBXware’s integration possibilities? 😱

PBXware is a comprehensive suite of communication services and solutions that enhances how you connect and engage people inside and outside of your organization. Call2Teams is one of the integration opportunities available for our partners that use Microsoft Teams as a primary communications app. 

Today, we want to let you know about two important updates to Call2Teams:

Phone App 📲

The new Phone App is a Call2Teams chargeable feature available as an add-on SKU. Phone App users can:

  • Make and receive phone calls via a dial-pad
  • Make and receive calls across all devices (excluding Microsoft Teams desk phones)
  • Transfer calls to other Microsoft Teams users and queues
  • Call contacts in the Microsoft Teams App

Branding 🪧

Brand Essentials provides a ‘soft’ branding option for those partners who do not need the entire private label solution offered by the Brand Complete option. Brand Essentials allows partners to self-manage some branding aspects, such as: 

  • Portal logo
  • Favicon
  • Store and support links
  • PBX and trunks templates (including the ability to pass through or hide global templates)

Our team believes that giving the option of integrating PBXware with Call2Teams improves our partners’ flexibility tremendously. Combining different users using two apps (MS Teams and Bicom Systems) into one environment completely transforms the collaboration processes. 

If you use Microsoft Teams and want to get started with Call2Teams, contact your Account Manager or today! 

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