5 Reasons Switching Providers is Fast

Written By Bicom Systems Team

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Switching providers is like flicking a light switch. It is quick, easy and will bring some light into your life! Or to the dark side, whichever your preference. 😉 

Sure it can be scary! Not only are you entering the ‘unknown,’ but you are also bringing your customers along with you. We get it. That is why our team offers a fast and efficient switch. 

Keep reading to learn FIVE reasons switching providers should be FAST


The right provider will have your hosted or cloud system 100% ready for you. In a few quick and secure steps, a hosted solution can be installed virtually. Your provider will not have to travel to your office and set things up, nor will you need to purchase or install any hardware. An additional bonus is that you can work with any provider no matter their location! The options are endless now that you are not geographically restricted.


And that is your next customer. If you’re still tied to an existing contract with your vendor, no problem! You don’t need to wait until it ends to switch. You can start your next customer on your new solution and move the rest in due time. Finish your customer’s contracts with your old system, and once they are up for renewal, transfer them over. Hey, maybe once they see the new solution, they will want out of their contract sooner!


We all know hosted solutions are designed to save time. With no customer-premise-equipment and no need for staff to visit your location, things will move along very quickly. Everything you need can all be done remotely, as soon as necessary! Everything like:

  • Troubleshooting
  • Training
  • Set-Up
  • Adding Additional Licenses 

Speaking of training, a proper hosted solution will be so easy to use that training will be minimal.


A proper, hosted provider should have a dedicated migration team. The team can carefully walk you through each step of the transition process. They should be there from beginning to end and after if you have any questions or concerns. If you are on a time crunch to switch, ask for an expedited process! 

The Bicom Systems migration team has led more transitions than we can count – we could do this in our sleep. In one particular example, we had a customer request a rushed set up. One day was spent on training, and over the weekend their new system was set-up. By Monday morning, their system was up and running.


In this industry, it may be hard to believe that anything can be done ‘quickly.’ However, that is one of the many benefits of having a true Multi-Tenant interface. It is effortless to set up and integrate. Although many providers say they offer a multi-tenant solution, they do not. A true MT architecture will support many tenants with multiple levels of administration that provide different permissions. 

If you are interested in upgrading to a new provider, find out how to make the switch to Bicom Systems here. Or contact, Bicom Systems Account Manager, David Esarey directly at david@bicomsystems.com

Bicom Systems software is intuitive and compatible. One customer expressed surprise at “how easy and smooth the transition process was.”

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