You Might be a Contact Center – But You Don’t Know it Yet

Written By Laura Kyle

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Here’s the thing, Contact Centers and Call Centers have a preconceived notion of being large rooms full of cubicles, with agents wearing headsets, who are always on the phone. In the past, that was kind of true. But technology and telecommunications solutions have evolved drastically from your traditional Contact Center. Hey, your company might even benefit from a Contact Center solution, you just don’t know it yet. Or your customers might benefit from a Contact Center solution and not know it.

To better explain, here is an example of a local insurance company, Fort International.

Fort International is a medium-sized office with eight employees. All of the employees sit at their desks and take inbound and make outbound calls. Consistently they have customers calling looking for quotes, to renew their insurance or to upgrade their existing one. The employees are always in touch with customers and are investing in their insurance policies. 

If you were Fort International, you wouldn’t want your employees constantly on the phones with no report to show for it. No, you would like a report on each employee to see:

  • How long they are spending with new customers
  • How long they are spending with contract renewals 
  • Their average talk time
  • Their total talk time 

The information from the reports will help you understand how productive the employee is. It will also show when they are walking away from their desk to go to the photocopier, bathroom, get a policy, etc. Managers can take this information and implement new strategies to improve productivity. 

You may think your small business will not need Contact Center features, but that is where you are wrong. Small-medium sized businesses are exactly the type of companies who benefit the most from these features! 

Utilizing the same information a Contact Center has will allow small businesses to manage better and be more productive with their employees. Information is everything. Whether you are a small business or large enterprise, the more information you have, the more you can do with it. By doing so, you gain an advantage against competitors. 

Many of our partners are looking for features on their PBX that are usually only offered for Contact Centers. So in our upcoming release of V6, Bicom Systems is offering licensable CC features on PBXware

Features such as:

  • ACD Queues
  • Unique call flows with decision-based routing
  • Advanced ring strategies and skills-based routing
  • The recording and retention of calls in a compliant manner
  • The collection of sensitive data like payment information
  • Productivity and utilization reporting
  • BI Reporting

These features will not make you a Contact Center, but they will allow you to operate like one! Remember, it is not about how many agents you have. It is about what you need to monitor them and the call information you require. 

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