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There are many articles on what to consider when choosing the best video conferencing platform. They highlight the latest and greatest features and offer different packages that will fit your unique business needs. 

Today, we aren’t going to do that. You know the basic features a virtual meeting solution should have, like chat, file share, etc. And you probably know the more advanced features that are quickly becoming essential, like screen sharing, recording, and external invitations. 

Everyone always talks about the features! The first rule of selling is to sell the benefits. So this post will not talk about what the features do, but what they can do for you! We will use our video conferencing solution, gloCOM Meeting, as our primary example to keep it straight forward. 

Private and Secure Video Conferencing Software

Unless you’ve been living under a rock these past six months, you’ve heard of ‘Zoom Bombing.’ Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, random Zoom users could jump into your online meetings, classes, and even virtual cocktail hours! Hackers were able to do this because Zoom installed a hidden service that allowed users to start the application from a web page. 

Privacy is extremely important, and although gloCOM allows external individuals (non-gloCOM users) to attend a meeting, they must receive an invitation first. That invitation is bound to the recipient’s e-mail address, and no other person can access it. Users can also choose to have their meeting public or private. But even if the meeting is public, the user will still need the meeting number to join. The public meeting feature is enabled for both internal and external users of gloCOM, but both options require the meeting number. 

Imagine you are in a video conference discussing highly confidential information. The last thing you want is a stranger or even another employee listening in on the conversation. Although privacy and security seem like a sure thing when choosing a UC solution, many lack the requirements. Prevent hackers and critical information from getting leaked by investing in the right product. 

gloCOM Meeting is user friendly

All of the cool features are only as good as you can manage them. If there’s anything that a virtual meeting software should do, is make your life easier! Even if you are not the most tech-savvy person, proper unified communications applications should have a friendly and easy to use interface. 

Again, let’s use gloCOM Meeting as an example. 

On gloCOM, the UC application where gloCOM Meeting can be found, you can easily see all of your contacts in one space. If you have a lot, no worries! Just start typing their name, and their picture will pop up. You can also drag and drop those contacts into a chat, group chat, conference call, video conference… you get the point. 

The drag and drop feature is definitely a time saver! Even better, any chat or conference can be turned into a meeting with the click of a button. Seriously – one click and you are in a meeting! Actually, with just one click, you can do A LOT! 

One-Click Wonder:

  • Start a Meeting
  • Add Users to a Chat
  • Call
  • Ping 
  • Check the Info 

If you can do all of that in one click, think of how efficient you can be. 

Presence feature on gloCOM Meeting

Speaking of efficiency, let’s finish up by talking about presence. Imagine you spend all day trying to get a hold of someone, only to find out they left early, are on a call, or maybe just ignoring you. A disadvantage of working in a global company is you can’t walk by a person’s office to get their attention. 

Presence can help with that. 

On gloCOM, showing your presence goes beyond online or offline. Users can see who is on a call, away from their desk, busy, only available on mobile, and more! You can even set custom presence statuses, with specific time frames, like “On Lunch” or something more specific such as “In the Weekly Finance Meeting.” 

The presence feature has more benefits than what it actually is. It has been especially helpful while working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Presence will help keep you manage yourself and your day, and you will know what everyone is up to. 

Are you going to choose gloCOM for your video conferencing solution? Contact one of our sales representatives here or visit our website to learn more about our products! 

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