Two More Reasons to Switch to Bicom Systems

Written By Bicom Systems Team

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We recently shared a few of the “Lesser-known Benefits of Partnering with Bicom Systems” and today we have two more ways that Bicom Systems allows you to take back the control of your business, your solution, and your customers.

We do not target end users

In speaking with incoming partners, we have heard that some vendors ask for information about your end users and then target them directly. This does not align with a reseller model that focuses on partnership and integrity.

Reclaim the control of your business and customers with a white label platform. Bicom Systems gives partners a fully developed and supported platform with zero branding, so you can take it to market as your own. You control: pricing, marketing, and customers. We are happy to support you in every step, but will not ask for any customer details or advertise ourselves through branded solutions. (Learn more in our blog post The Benefits of a White Label Provider.)

As a committed participant in the reseller channel, Bicom Systems would never attempt to sell directly to your customers. Also to that purpose, we never publish prices on our website – so as not to compromise your ability to earn a higher margin. (Learn more in our blog post Why We Don’t Publish Our Prices.)

The bottom line is that Bicom Systems is partner-centric with a strong focus on integrity and mutual trust. As we always say, your success is our success.

We still support on-site solutions

The future is in the Cloud, there is no doubt about it. But we recognize that not every business or organization is prepared to make the move yet, if at all.

Small on-site call centers, for example, may prefer an on-site PBX that gives them complete control over their servers and data. Organizations with sensitive data may be compelled by law to keep everything in-house. Large enterprises may have the budget to invest up front and hire a dedicated IT team to do all of the work themselves.

Whatever the situation may be, we want the choice to be yours, not restricted by the deployment models you have (or don’t have) available. Stop turning away or losing customers that need a traditional solution. PBXware is available in both hosted and on-site environments. Learn more on our Deployment page.

And let’s not forget about the opportunity that comes with having on-site customers. You can gently market your hosted solution to your own customer base, offering a slow and flexible transition phase if that’s what the customers needs. Let’s bring customers on board rather than turning them away.

It all comes down to control

Who is holding the reins to your business and your future – yourself or your provider? Bicom Systems prefers to give all control to our partners, cheering you on from behind the curtain. If this appeals to you, contact us today so we can start a conversation.