5 UC Features you Need in 2021

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Let’s start the new year off right! And by doing that, start investing in the right unified communications solution for you and your organization. 

Dive into what we think are five important features that your UC solution should be equipped with now that we are in 2021. These features will help you stay connected and boost your employees’ overall productivity, either working from home or in the office. 

Video Conferencing 

There is no doubt 2020 was the year of video conferencing. The number of virtual meetings skyrocketed when we were sent home to work remotely. So if you still don’t have video conferencing, my question is, where have you been throughout this pandemic? 

Screen Share

If you can see your coworker’s face, you should also be able to see their screen! Screen sharing is one of the most helpful collaborating tools out there. Teachers, doctors, and other business professionals relied on screen sharing during the dark days of the pandemic. They still are! 

Mobile Application Sync 

Not all who are working from home have the luxury of a private office. Therefore, being tethered to a desk phone or laptop all day is not ideal. Having a mobile unified communications application that syncs with your desktop will allow you to work on the go. Desktop features like presence, chat, calling, and conference calls are fully synced in real time between your devices. You can be online without using your laptop, staying in contact with your coworkers. Hey, you could take your next conference call by lying on the couch, and no one will notice! Learn more about our mobile application, gloCOM GO here


Chat is a pretty basic feature. Although it is not as flashy as others, it is nonetheless essential. But your chat feature should go beyond one versus one. Take advantage of group chats when a virtual meeting or conference call is unnecessary or impossible to organize. You can send files, share links, add and remove people from the group. Group chats on gloCOM can start a meeting or conference call with the click of a button!


The chat function is handy; however, it doesn’t help if you are trying to contact someone outside your organization or someone who is not connected to the internet. In that case, SMS works best! Users can send and receive texts from their desktop applications. This feature is also convenient for businesses who need to send updates on appointments, alerts, or other mass messages.  

Is your organization utilizing these unified communications features? If not, get in touch with our sales team! You can learn more about our solutions by visiting our website or sending us an email at sales@bicomsystems.com.

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