Why You Should Invest in Proper Call Analytics

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It is hard to truly value data when you have an abundance of information that you do not understand. At Bicom Systems, our team invested a great deal of time creating the best and easy to read call analytic reports. 

Are you using your analytics to the best of your advantage? Keep reading to learn why you should invest in a provider that produces proper call analytic reports.


As a supervisor, if you can record, listen in on, and analyze how long calls are lasting, you will better understand what is working and what isn’t. You can improve your team’s call scripts, give extra training to agents that need it, or totally switch up your strategy! 

If you find callers are hanging up a few minutes into your agent’s sales pitch, you can adjust the language and avoid the same trigger words or questions in your future call scripts. The same can be said when multiple agents come back stating their leads didn’t understand a phrase or question. 


Not only can you improve the way your agents communicate, but also their time! Call analytics give you access to data on daily or monthly call statistics. Supervisors can filter the statistics by the date, caller, and phone number called. They can gain insight into who and when has made a call, the total and average call time, the number of answered and missed calls and more. 

Supervisors can then understand who is excelling, who is often idle, what campaigns require more agents and more. When you can fully grasp your agents’ day-to-day activities, you can run a more productive organization. Work smarter, not harder, are we right? 


Now that you improved communication and enhanced time management, you can use what you’ve learned and put it back into the company with new hires! Or revamp the skills of your existing employees. Show your agents the data of what you expect and what they are currently producing. Allow lower level agents to listen in on calls of superior ones. Proving to them what they are capable of with the right tools. 


Most Contact Centers have an IVR that their callers can interact with before reaching an agent. Useful IVR’s are beneficial when placing the caller in the proper queue.

The IVR statistics report will display a detailed overview of how your customers are navigating the IVR menu. This data will give you a better understanding of what options are most popular and are frequently used, or least popular and rarely chosen. Supervisors can use the report when updating the IVR and decide if they need to remove/add or upgrade the current options. 


Better understand why your prospects are calling! Identify how often they choose a specific department in the IVR, what time of day call volume increases, and how frequently supervisors are dragged into a call for assistance. 

The data will allow you to identify these trends and make changes where needed. Or give praise where it is required!  

Properly used Call Analytics can help improve productivity in any Contact Center. Explore Bicom Systems PBXware Contact Center Edition by visiting our website or sending our sales team an email at sales@bicomsystems.com

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