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As Service Providers, it is important to complete your portfolios and keep them stacked with the latest technology. Now that most individuals are working remotely or are embracing a hybrid lifestyle, the desire for the best technologies is stronger than ever. People are looking for the clearest camera, the best headsets, and the most feature-rich applications to tie it all together. But many forget one thing: voice. 

Telephony has been around for decades! Everyone knows how to place and make a phone call, and despite the surge in video conferencing technology, many still struggle with joining virtual meetings. Voice calls have many benefits over other forms like texting or video chat. Benefits like: 

  • Faster to Convey Information
  • More Natural and Comfortable
  • Easier to Detect Tone 
  • Less Room for Error

The world is quickly becoming more digital, but phone communication remains crucial in enterprise operations. Both external and internal, proper voice communication is not declining, but actually increasing! When you examine your current offering, ensure voice solutions are both available and strong. What do we mean by that? Keep reading to learn three things that your telephony solution should have. 

1. A Proper Virtualization Platform

Let’s explore your virtualization platform, starting at the base of your solutions. When you build a house, you should not skip over the foundation. Therefore, don’t skip over your virtual foundation when you create your enterprise. The prioritization of voice starts at the beginning, which means hosting your telephony and unified communications solutions on a virtualization platform dedicated to hosting voice in the cloud. 

Did you know that Bicom Systems is the original software manufacturer of SERVERware? And SERVERware is the only virtualization platform tailored to hosting telephony and unified communications in the cloud! Reach out to our sales team to learn more.

2. Opus Codec

VoIPs best friend! Opus Codec is relatively new in the telecommunications industry. Although, this feature has been on Bicom Systems PBXware and gloCOM since version 5.2. Desk phones communicate with different codecs, and Opus is an audio codec for phones. Opus Codec can handle a wide range of audio applications like VoIP and video conferencing.

Opus Codec is extremely smart and adaptive to your internet’s capabilities. Even on your mobile device, it will adjust based on the network, service range, and other factors affecting the connection. It gives you the best possible outcome for what you are capable of! 

This automatic adjustment often goes unnoticed or is taken for granted. However, not all providers offer this feature. Ensure you partner with someone who offers Opus Codec to give your customers the best reliable solution. 

3. Echo Cancellation

There are many headsets on the market that offer echo and noise cancellation. However, the softphone software must be equipped with this feature as well. To enhance voice quality, your softphones should have echo cancellation no matter what headset you use. 

Ensure your next call is crisp and clear without echo, background noise, or audible dog barks! 

In Conclusion

Voice disruptions are not ideal in any scenario and can be detrimental if a call drops during a negotiation. When you partner with a UC provider, ensure you don’t get distracted by the shiny features. Voice quality is more important than your customers. 

Bicom Systems’ communication solution is a software suite that offers everything your company needs to communicate, collaborate and connect. The software suite is equipped with all the points mentioned above and more. Learn about our products on our website or by connecting with our sales representatives. 

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