“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

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Due to the difficult situations occurring that we all know as COVID-19, businesses have shifted to remote work. The sales professionals of these businesses had to adjust to the way business is typically handled. They had to be there for their customers, as well as potential leads. 

Although we can’t turn back time and prevent this from happening again, we can be prepared. But, to be ready, we must remember two essential items. 

  • Be Informed 

Be aware of the specifics happening in your customers, employees, and partners specific regions. If you can share a link to relevant news or articles regarding their area that may impact them, do it. Being informed will show you care.

  • Be Prepared 

Be ready to expect any kind of response or even no response at all. The critical thing is not to stop caring. Your customers and leads will see you eventually.

But how can you be prepared when you don’t know what to expect? Knowing what to expect will allow you to be one step ahead – being proactive rather than reactive. 

What should you expect?

Scared and Exhausted Employees 😴😨

When facing challenging times, employees tend to feel unsure of what will happen next. But now is the time to lead them by having a prepared plan for approaching problems! Ensure there is a steady flow of communication. That will reassure your employees that they are in the right hands. 

High Ticket Volumes ⬆🎫

Ensure your employees know which products are essential versus the products that can be set aside for the time being. Doing so will help your company become more efficient and will help your team prioritize the surge of tickets that will come.

Vendor Failure 🚨👎

It is never a bad idea to make sure you are well prepared for difficult situations. And something even better than having one backup plan is having multiple! When your initial plan goes wrong, and your backup plan is not doing any better, it is a relief to know that you have more options to rely on.

Angry Clients 😡😠

Adjusting to change can be challenging. Clients and employees may become frustrated, and it’s critical to warn your team prior to that this is happening. Prepare your team on how to handle frustrated clients and make the experience for both sides enjoyable.

Cancellations ❌🚫

Cancellations, sudden changes, or requests are inevitable when clients and customers start to prepare themselves for the unexpected. Implementing a plan of action will help current clients stay in their contracts or agreements. For example, plans like a limited-time-offer, payment deferral, or renegotiated payment options. Handle demands efficiently, where both the employee and client are stress-free. 

Collection Problems 💲💸

A pandemic is hard on everyone, but you are still providing a service at the end of the day. And the payment for that service must be made. It is important to be understanding a client’s situation and avoid being overly aggressive when trying to collect payments. 

Desperate For Inbound Leads 😏😎

On a more positive note, even through challenging times, people are still buying products. While you should focus on current clients and customers, do not forget about the opportunity for new potential customers! Launching new deals and limited-time-offers will help attract people to your company. Doing this will give you a competitive edge and provide a sense of relief to new customers who can try your product at a lower price.

Of course, no one can predict the future. The best we can do is be prepared for the unexpected. Let us help you be prepared! Learn how Bicom Systems can help your business be prepared by contacting our sales team here or by email at sales@bicomsystems.com.

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