Benefits of Selling SaaS

Benefits of Selling SaaS

According to Forbes, the Cloud Computing Market is expected to reach $411B by 2020 and the Software as a Service (SaaS) market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of nearly 16%, growing from $58.6B in 2017 to $99.7B by 2020 (source). Service Providers abound in today’s marketplace, however it is yet to be seen

The Benefits of Multi-Tenancy for Resellers & Users

As our industry continues its ongoing shift to the Cloud, one decision that many vendors are facing is whether to continue selling a dedicated solution or upgrade to multi-tenancy. Multi-tenancy is a type of architecture where one single instance of your software and its infrastructure supports multiple customers (tenants). True MT solutions are only available in the

How To Sell VoIP Webinar Announcement

Webinars are an interactive tool used to drive traffic, increase brand awareness, and help generate qualified leads. These are very useful to attend as they are extremely informative and can provide helpful insight about the topic in question. Selling VoIP could be extremely difficult. People are often hesitant to change, especially when they don’t know

4 Ways VoIP Wins More Customers

The benefits of VoIP are abundant and we have discussed them countless times before. IT Toolbox shared a few more benefits with a unique focus – winning new customers. We thought they were worth sharing here: 1. Toll-Free Numbers – Calling may be the first point-of-contact for many of your prospective customers, so make a

5 Benefits of The Cloud

With each new technological advance, the cloud becomes bigger and better. Here are just five of its many benefits: 1. Scalability – Our favorite advantage of the Cloud is how it facilitates growth. Whether scaling up or down, the Cloud makes it quick and easy to add and remove extensions from anywhere with Internet. 2.

VoIP Integration

Regardless of how many times we write about the benefits of VoIP, it is always worth pointing out more. VoIP is a game-changer for almost all types of companies and organizations, but only if you recognize its benefits and use it to its full potential. One such benefit of VoIP, particularly cloud-based VoIP, is integration.

10 VoIP Selling Points

Everyone knows the benefits of VoIP and cloud services, right? It practically sells itself – save money, save time, keep up with the latest trend. But is that all there is to VoIP? With nearly infinite features and almost as many ways to add value, VoIP is worth much more than most think. Try using

5 VoIP Features for Business Efficiency

VoIP is constantly evolving and new features emerge faster than we can use them. VoIP News wrote an article highlighting five VoIP features that increase business efficiency. Let’s take a look at the features: 1. IVR – Interactive Voice Recognition is all about efficiency for the customer. A VoIP solution like PBXware will offer IVR

5 Ways Hosted VoIP Supports Collaboration

Employee collaboration is essential to productivity in any size company, but particularly important to small companies just getting started. Effective productivity can mean the difference between a growing start-up and a failed business. Fortunately, Hosted PBX and Cloud PBX offer collaboration tools with valuable benefits to even the smallest businesses. 1. Faster collaboration Unified communications

5 Ways VoIP is Green

We have discussed the benefits of VoIP on this blog many, many times. From the traditional time and money saving benefits to more obscure benefits. But VoIP News pointed out a NEW benefit of VoIP: It is environmentally friendly. VoIP is green! 1. Carbon Emissions VoIP lets employees work remotely. Aside from all the benefits to

5 Forgotten VoIP Tools

VoIP gives us so many features and benefits that it is easy to forget some and miss out. VoIP News reminded us of five great features that are too often forgotten. 1. Calling is not limited to the desk phone Unlike in the past, making calls no longer means sitting at a desk with a