Women in Tech

Written By Bicom Systems Team

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There is no denying that the tech industry is a heavily male-dominated field. A UK University student survey conducted by PwC found that 78% of students cannot name a famous female working in tech.


That is a major challenge women are facing. For some reason, many biased opinions surround a woman’s credibility, which is detrimental for those seeking support or guidance from a mentor.  Imagine the intimidation of starting a new job with no senior women to look up to or strive to become.

Still, in 2022, gender gaps in employment hold women back from succeeding in industries across the board. It is up to organizations to break those barriers for women! Closing gender gaps in the labor force will improve the global economy. 


Not hiring women is a missed opportunity. Societal influence and genetic make up can affect the way individuals think, see, and feel. Employing a diverse group of people will bring unique ideas and various opinions. Not only is it the fair and right thing to do, countless studies show that an inclusive workforce will: 

  • Improve Innovation
  • Boost Performance
  • Empower Employee Engagement
  • Enhance Company Reputation
  • And more!

Look at this chart on Women’s Representation in Big Tech from Statista.

Statista Women in Big Tech

As you can see, women take up fewer than 1 in 4 tech roles at each company listed, with Amazon having none. Getting more women in the tech industry must start at an educational level. At Bicom Systems, we are proud to partner with local Universities in Bosnia and Herzegovina to attract brilliant female minds. Our internship program is extremely flexible, and once completed, we gain talented individuals as full-time employees. 


Ada Lovelace, Elizabeth Feinler, and Mary Wilkes are just a few women who changed the technology world forever. Nerma S, Katherine L, and Nerina B are just some of the women changing the world of Bicom Systems.

Bicom Systems is an international and multicultural company that operates worldwide. We realize gender equality is critical for business performance and sustainable economic growth. Therefore, diversity is not a one-time campaign for us, but it is engraved in our DNA. 

As an agile workforce, each department of Bicom Systems has a head. We are proud to say the majority of the leaders of departments are women. On top of that, we have many female managers, leads, and product owners. To name a few:

Head of Sales and Marketing Katherine L.
Head of Finance and Compliance Mirna S.
Head of C.A.R.E Teams Nerina B.
Head of Offices Management Nerma S.
Partner Marketing Manager Lorena R.
Product Marketing Manager Martina F.
Sales Development Manager Stacey R.
Customer Service Manager Jasmina J.
Culture Manager Merlina R.
Product Owner – Contact Center Sevda F.
Product Owner – gloCOM Meeting Vesna G
Product Owner – Business Intelligence Nikolina Č.

The women of Bicom Systems are breaking gender inequality barriers daily. 

Katherine L single-handedly pitched, planned, and executed the opening of our Canadian office. What started with three employees in a two-room office quickly grew to a staff of seventeen, occupying two offices in the beautiful Hilyard Place complex in Saint John, NB.

Jasmina J, Customer Service Manager, started her journey at Bicom Systems as an Intern! During her internship, she was the Electrical Engineering Students’ European Association Local Committee Chairwoman in Tuzla. She was leading a team of more than 60 Electrical Engineering students! Through hard work and dedication, she completed her internship and quickly became the department manager. 

Merlina R spearheaded the Culture Team at Bicom Systems. As you know, company culture is the backbone of any successful business. However, it is more than free snacks and ping pong tables in the office. Merlina and her team strive to promote strong company culture through presentations, training, and team-wide activities with an open-minded approach. Thanks to Merlina and the Culture Team, Bicomers can rely on their assistance and professional improvements to enhance employee relations.


We are happy to have female role models in leadership positions within our organization. Bicom Systems is one of the signatories of the Women Empowerment Principles, and we are part of a project that aims to present success stories of women and programs in the IT sector. The UN Global Compact and UN Woman created and supported these principles. 

To the women who have worked – and still work – to make the Tech world what it is today, we thank you.