Bicom Systems Wraps Up 2023 and Looks Forward to 2024

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2023 is almost over – wow, what an incredible year it has been! Thank you for joining us on this rollercoaster of groundbreaking innovation, valuable partnerships, and exploration of emerging industry trends. 

We asked our brilliant leader Senad Jordanović to share his thoughts on the past 12 months:

Senad Jordanovic, CEO of Bicom Systems quote

As we look forward to that tomorrow, we want to thank you for your dedication and contributions – you are the heart of Bicom Systems and greatly enrich our day-to-day business.

Join us as we remember some of the key releases, events, and resources we shared throughout 2023?

As you know all too well, the communications industry is constantly changing and evolving to adopt new technologies. Our mission is to empower you and your business with the latest solutions that give you not only a competitive-edge, but also set you up for rock-solid stability down the road. Have we done that in 2023? Let us know in the comments below!

If nothing else, you definitely saw some exciting changes to our product portfolio in the past twelve months! Check out the below for anything you may have missed.

We began offering you more efficiency to manage multiple PBX systems

Pbxware Illustration

We kicked off the year with the launch of PBXware SP Edition, a product meticulously crafted to conquer real-life challenges. This edition, developed based on your invaluable feedback, streamlines administrative tasks and automates operational processes for managing multiple PBX systems efficiently.

Did you miss this release? Catch up with all the details in our blog post.

We developed better collaboration and time management features

all Bicom Systems Products illustration

Our commitment to innovation continued with the release of Version 7.0, introducing new releases across our major communications tools, including PBXware, gloCOM, and Meeting. Have you seen all of the new features? PBXware users are mastering it like pros with the shorter learning curve, gloCOM has more tricks than ever before like auto answer, and Meeting is a virtual party with interactive features like hand-raising and reactions.

Want the full scoop? Explore the benefits in our blog post.

We focused on robust performance and infrastructure

serverware illustration

Wrapping up the product releases, we rolled out SERVERware 4.5 and sipPROT with enhanced features, performance updates, and infrastructural enhancements. SERVERware is flexing its muscles with KVM VPSs, improved geo-redundancy, and more features requested by you!

You won’t want to miss any of this – get all of the details in our blog post.

But our business is about so much more than products; it’s about the incredible relationships we’ve built with all of you.

We decided at the beginning of 2023 to make it a priority this year to dedicate time to connecting, collaborating, and strengthening the bonds that make our business thrive. You are not just partners, you’re the heartbeat of all we do.

Together we celebrated years of success at the Partner Summit

The highlight of 2023 was undoubtedly our Partner Summit in September. Held in picturesque Neum, those of you that attended know the event was way more than just a meeting. With 30 partners from around the globe joining us, we enjoyed a celebration of partnership, innovation, and shared success. Think unprecedented networking, the grand reveal of our new strategic roadmap, and workshops to spark creativity.

If you missed it or just want to relive the magic, check out the recap on our blog.

We put the spotlight on insightful conversations

Not wanting to let the excitement of the Partner Summit fade, we introduced Bicom Chats. Featuring interactive conversations with our amazing partners, plus enlightening discussions with our insightful developers and team members, you can find all nine Bicom Chats on YouTube. More than just interviews, these spotlights help us all to learn, grow, and align our goals for the upcoming year.

You shared your stories of triumph and growth

Thank you for helping to grow our library of partner case studies this year with your most compelling triumphs and growth journeys! We are all about shouting from the rooftops about your amazing achievements because your wins inspire us all. And it’s not just about showcasing success; it’s about exploring the strategies that got you there and supporting your peers in their own journey.

Bicom Systems and Global Telecom Exchange case study mockup

ccn was one of the pioneering German ITSPs in 2014, having since evolved to offer a diverse range of services, including network and VoIP infrastructure, networked transfer points, and support and partner services. Today, 30% of ccn’s annual sales revenue comes from selling Bicom Systems products. Want to learn how you could be next? Learn more about their journey and get insights into their upcoming plans in their case study.

Bicom Systems and ccn case study mockup

Ezeetel delivers complete VoIP solutions to small, medium, and large businesses all over Canada using PBXware. Since adopting PBXware in 2013, Ezeetel has achieved 100% organic growth through referrals and strategic upgrades within their existing customer base, without the need for traditional marketing efforts. Delve into their strategy, upcoming plans for 2023, and a unique story about their niche in the trucking industry in their case study.

Bicom Systems and Ezeetel case study mockup

As we like to say, your success is our success. We’ve spent the year making an effort to dish out free educational resources that will truly help you grow your solution and your business. Did we miss anything? Let us know what topics you are interested in for 2024!

[ebook] Learn How to Transition your Reluctant Customers to the Cloud

On the premise of control Bicom Systems ebook mockup

Our first ebook of 2023 explored the reservations many of your customers may harbor about transitioning from on-premise deployments to cloud solutions. This is your guide to making the transition smoother for those reluctant customers that are hanging onto their legacy system for dear life.

Ready to bust some myths and start selling? Read the ebook here.

[ebook] Discover the Power of Artificial Intelligence to Enrich Your VoIP and UC solutions

the future of communications bicom systems ebook mockup

Have you heard that the Artificial Intelligence market is expected to surpass $100 billion by 2025? Overwhelming, we know, but that is why we wrote an ebook exploring the intersection of AI and communications! Imagine a world where virtual assistants and chatbots improve the customer experience, voice and speech recognition open new channels of communication, and predictive insights take the guesswork out of business strategizing.

Want to prepare for the AI wave with us? Read the ebook for all of our thoughts.

[ebook] Get Better at Selling VoIP with an All-Inclusive Solution and Sales Strategy

the secret to selling voip in 2023 bicom systems ebook mockup

Over half of all buyers express a preference for all-inclusive VoIP solutions, so we wrote an ebook on how you can craft a comprehensive, easy-to-use, budget-friendly product. Already have the product down pat? We also discuss the recipe for a bulletproof sales pitch to make you stand out from the competition.

This is your ticket to mastering the art of selling VoIP! Read the ebook here.

[ebook] Find out How Selling Video Conferencing will Grow Your Brand and Revenue

reason to sell video conferencing bicom systems ebook mockup

Have you thought about adding video conferencing to your solution yet? Your current customers want it, your future customers want it, the whole market wants it – what are you waiting for?! Our newest ebook can help you get started with adopting, marketing, and selling video conferencing to grow your business and your sales.

Get the full roadmap in the ebook.

[webinar] Have you Added SMS Integration to Your Solution Yet?

We teamed up with the great folks at Telnyx to bring you something special this year – SMS integration! And we didn’t stop there – we hosted an information-packed webinar to discuss how SMS can be the secret to growing your business. We covered everything from the nitty-gritty steps of SMS integration to real stories from our partners to strategies to dodge common pitfalls.

Watch the webinar recording to catch up on what you missed!

[webinar] Get More from Your Account Portal with Untold Tips and Tricks

Remember the first webinar we had way back in early 2023? We dove deep into untold tips and tricks to using the Account Portal. Did you miss it? Want to refresh yourself on the details?

Watch the video now to learn everything you need to master the Account Portal.

Cheers to you

Wrapping up the incredible journey that was 2023 has been nothing short of amazing and we are thrilled to have shared it with you. But guess what?

The adventure doesn’t stop here! Brace yourself for an even more thrilling 2024 because we have some huge plans and ideas in the pipeline. We can’t spill all the beans yet, but trust us – it’s going to be epic!