5 Benefits of the VoIP Softswitch

We have come a long ways since the manual telephone switchboard. 139 years, to be precise. From the days of manual telephone operators to PBXs to modern solutions that tap into VoIP technology to do more than just call routing. We have … Continue reading

3 Benefits of Hosted VoIP for Call Centers

We have discussed the benefits of hosted VoIP before, but today we want to focus specifically on the benefits of the cloud for Call Centers. 1. Scalability While an on-premise call center solution is mostly static, a cloud solution can … Continue reading

5 More Benefits of VoIP

We all know the two major benefits of VoIP: It saves time and it saves money. But as VoIP continues gaining popularity those become less exciting and more normal expectations. Fortunately, VoIP touts many other benefits too. Here are just … Continue reading