7 Benefits of VoIP Phones: The Ultimate Communication Tool

5 Benefits of the VoIP Softswitch

We have come a long ways since the manual telephone switchboard. 139 years, to be precise. From the days of manual telephone operators to PBXs to modern solutions that tap into VoIP technology to do more than just call routing. We have written previously about what a VoIP softswitch is and even the difference between Class 4

5 Benefits of VoIP for Small Business

Adding to our arsenal of VoIP benefits, VoIP News posted a list of VoIP benefits specifically for small businesses. Always a supporter of small and growing businesses, we wanted to share that list with you: 1. Automated Attendants: Saving time and increasing efficiency auto-attendants can direct callers more quickly. 2. Mobility: A good VoIP solutions can

3 Benefits of Hosted VoIP for Call Centers

We have discussed the benefits of hosted VoIP before, but today we want to focus specifically on the benefits of the cloud for Call Centers. 1. Scalability While an on-premise call center solution is mostly static, a cloud solution can be scaled up or down fluidly. Growth is just a phone call away and necessitates

5 More Benefits of VoIP

We all know the two major benefits of VoIP: It saves time and it saves money. But as VoIP continues gaining popularity those become less exciting and more normal expectations. Fortunately, VoIP touts many other benefits too. Here are just a few… 1. Call routing & automation Today everyone has experience automated menus on the

5 Benefits of Hosted VoIP

An increasing number of telecoms are choosing Hosted over On-Premise VoIP because of the undeniable benefits to business. While on-site and hybrid deployments have their place, VoIP-News points out that hosted has a lot to offer to small and medium telecoms that could benefit from the following: Hosted VoIP Saves You Money – Aside from a

5 Benefits of Hosted VoIP (Cloud VoIP)

As companies today make the move to VoIP telephony, they are faced with two options: Premise or Cloud. While premise is a popular option because it is similar to legacy systems and gives more control to the company, Hosted VoIP offers several benefits to SMBs. Ziff Davis shares give benefits of Hosted VoIP in Five

VoIP Security Risks That Can Threaten Your Company

Most common VoIP security risks

Introduction VoIP telephony is the future; it provides greater flexibility over traditional telephone lines, and the reliability of calls is no longer in doubt. It is easy to set up and many businesses discover that switching to VoIP saves them money. Because VoIP has gained popularity, security threats have unfortunately increased, as it has become

What is VoIP?

For some of you who are new to the telecommunications industry and are just joining us… First off Hello! Secondly, I wanted to address something important. Everyone only seems to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of VoIP, but rarely does anyone explain what it actually is. So, without further ado, What is VoIP? VoIP